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Saturday, August 07, 2004

7 August 2004 Events in Iraq

22.36 - ATTACK ON DANISH TROOPS, NO INJURIES. A Danish patrol was attacked near Al Qurnah in the south of the country.

21.55 Al Fallūjah. KUWAITI TRUCKDRIVER TAKEN HOSTAGE. A driver of a truck bearing Kuwaiti plates was kidnapped after insurgents opened fire on the vehicle near Fallujah.

21.52 Al Amāra. POLICE BARRACKS ATTACKED, FOUR ARE DEAD. Four Iraqis, included 3 police officers were killed by gunmen in an armed attack on a police barracks in Al Amāra. Another 24 persons were wounded.

20.36 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS IN DOWNTOWN BAGHDAD. Islamic militants launched mortar rounds and missiles into downtown Baghdad which are said to have landed near the Green Zone.

18.28 Rome. ITALY ON ALERT. The Abu Hafs Al Masri brigades threaten the Berlusconi government. A state of "vigilance and prevention" is announced.

17.59 Ankara. EMPLOYER OF TURKISH HOSTAGE SUSPENDS COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY. The Turkish firm Atahan Lojistik suspends commercial operations in Iraq to save truck driver Tahsin Top.

17.57 Brussels. NATO ADVANCE TEAM LEAVES FOR BAGHDAD. An advance team for the 'NATO Training Implementation Mission in Iraq' (NTIM-I), has left for Baghdad.

17.53 An Nāşirīyah. ITALIANS RECLAIM POSITIONS. Italian troops again take up positions in the city.

17.52 Baghdad. 4 IRANIAN SPIES ARRESTED. A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Sabah Kadhim, says four Iranians intelligence agents have been arrested in Iraq on suspicion of planning sabotage.

16.10 Baghdad. AL JAZEERA CLOSED DOWN: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS ABROGATED. Allawi has ordered closed the Baghdad offices of Al Jazeerah "to protect the Iraqi people." Al Jazeerah spokesman Jihad Ballout says freedom of the press has been abrogated.

15.30 Baghdad. ALLAWI CALLS FOR NON-INTERVENTION BY IRAN. PM Iyad Allawi has warned Iran and other bordering nations to abstain from interfering in Iraqi affairs.

14.40 San Francisco. EXECUTION SPOOF. Benjamin Vandenford admits faking a beheading video in San Francisco.

14.27 Baghdad. ALLAWI INVITES MOQTADA SADR TO PARTICIPATE IN ELECTIONS. PM Iyad Allawi invites radical Shi'ite leader Moqtada Sadr to participate in the January 2005 elections.

14.16 San Francisco. BEHEADING VIDEO FAKED. Benjamin Vanderford, 22, confesses to faking video.

13.30 Baghdad. ALLAWI, AMNESTY FOR REBELS GUITY OF MINOR CRIMES. Allawi has announced a 30-day amnesty and excluded imposing martial law to contain the insurrection.

13.16 Baghdad. MYSTERIOUS BEHEADING OF AMERICAN. Mystery surrounds decapitation of aspiring US musician and politician Benjamin Vanderford, 22.


13.00 Baghdad. VIDEO THREATENS EXECUTION OF TURKISH HOSTAGE WITHIN 48 HOURS. Islamic insurgents threaten decapitation of Turkish hostage within 48 hours.

12.30 Baghdad. CLASHES IN SADR CITY, 7 DEAD AND 29 WOUNDED. At least 7 dead and 29 wounded, including 5 women and a number of children, in this morning's clashes in Sadr City between US troops and supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr.

10.55 Baghdad. BEHEADED AMERICAN. "My name is Benjamin Ford. I am from San Francisco, California". Video shows youth in beige t-shirt being beheaded.

10.39 An Najaf. POLICE SAY 1,200 AL SADR MILITANTS SURRENDER. 1,200 insurgents have surrendered to Iraqi security forces.

10.33 Baghdad. WEB SITE SHOWS DECAPITATION OF AMERICAN. Islamic web site shows beheading video.

10.22 Baghdad. AMERICANS AND SHI'ITES CLASH IN SADR CITY. Fighting continues in Sadr City (Baghdad).

10.00 An Najaf. COMBAT RESUMES. US aircraft continue to overfly city; residents flee city center.

09.30 Rome. BERLUSCONI CITED IN ULTIMATUM. The Abu Hafs El Masri Brigades send message to Berlusconi. We are warning you because you can expect a war of atrocities when our ultimatum expires...we will strike at any that Berlusconi may taste the bitter blood which the Iraqi people have shed daily since he followed the vile Bush and Blair into Iraq.

09.20 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS IN BAGHDAD. Two mortar rounds land in center of Baghdad. On hits the Green Zone the other the Iraqi Olympic Committee building where children were lined up to join its sports program. Two security guards and three students were wounded.

08.35 Baghdad. NEW DEATH THREATS AGAINST ALLAWI. A group said to be linked to Abu Mussab Zarqawi threatens Prime Minister with death. "Allawi, you can be sure that for you we have our swords drawn; their thirst will be satisfied by your blood."

08.00 - ABU HAFS AL MASRI BRIGADES: ULTIMATUM EXPIRES. Abu Afhs al-Masri Brigades threaten violence in Italy.


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