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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

10 August 2004 Events in Iraq

The US has a preference for nighttime combat and it looks as though tonight's the night to destroy half of Najaf. Kofi Annan demanded a ceasefire yesterday; there's still hope he can apply pressure.

Yesterday I wrote that the Poles had transferred their sector back to the US. BBC reports that General Casey ordered them to do this, because the Polish mandate forbids combat operations. This gives the US carte blanche for mayhem, though some may call it 'security'.

20.22 Baghdad. CHALABI'S POLITICAL PARTY ORDERED OUT OF BAGHDAD. The Iraqi authorities have ordered Ahmed Chalabi's political party, the Iragi National Congress, to vacate its Baghdad offices within 24 hours.

18.40 An Najaf. AMERICANS ATTACK. US warplanes bomb guerrilla positions in Najaf. Columns of smoke are seen rising into the night sky.

18.05 Baghdad. INTERNET SITE SHOWS BEHEADING. An Islamic site has uploaded a video showing the execution of Egyptian hostage Mohammed Mutawalli, kidnapped by Tawhid and Jihad, a group linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

16.41 Washington. PENTAGON HAS DOUBTS ON EXECUTION OF MARINE. Pentagon investigators looking into the disappearance of Marine Keith Matthew Maupin, 21, are not certain if the video broadcast by Al Jazeera last week is authentic.

15.43 London. UK: LABOUR LEFT PREPARES MOTION CENSURING BLAIR. During its annual conference schedule for next month, leftist Labourites will present a motion censuring Tony Blair for his role in the Iraq war.

14.37 Bangkok. THAI CONTINGENT DEPARTS. The planned pullout of 451 Thai troops deployed as medics and civil engineers begins today, says Thai military spokesman Pitsanu Urailert.

13.42 Basrah. UK TROOPS ON MAXIMUM ALERT IN BASRAH. UK troops in Basrah go on maximum alert following clashes yesterday in which a British soldier was killed.

12.41 Sofia. DOUBTS ON VIDEO SHOWING BEHEADING OF BULGARIAN HOSTAGE. The video uploaded to an Islamic web site showing the beheading of Bulgarian hostage Georgi Lazov (age 30) cannot be authenticated, sasy Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Gergana Grancharova.

12.22 Baghdad. JORDANIAN BUSINESSMAN KIDNAPPED, RANSOM DEMANDED. A Jordanian businessman has been abducted by unknown persons.

12.14 Karbalā’. NO WORD ON KIDNAPPED IRANIAN DIPLOMAT. There has been no news of Fereydiun Jahani, an Iranian diplomat kidnapped while travelling to Karbalā’.

12.08 Copenhagen. DEATH PENALTY, DENMARK WILL NOT TURN OVER PRISONERS. Danish Defense Minister Soeren Gade has announced that no Iraqi prisoners will be turned over to the Baghdad government while the death penalty is in force.

11.59 Al Kūt. UKRAINIAN CONVOY BOMBED, 3 CIVILIANS WOUNDED. A least three civilians were wounded in southern Iraq after a roadside bomb exploded as a Ukrainian convoy passed through An Nu’mānīyah, northwest of the Shi'ite town of Al Kūt.

11.43 Baghdad, LEBANESE HOSTAGE FREED. Lebanese businessman Antoine Antoun has been released by his captors.

11.18 As Samāwah. MORTAR ROUNDS HIT JAPANESE BASE. Four mortar rounds exploded near the Japanese base in As Samāwah in southern Iraq without causing casualties.

11.15 Rome. ITALY ON ALERT. Italy will be on alert until 15 August for possible acts of terrorism.

11.12 Al Başrah. SABOTAGED OIL PIPELINE TO REOPEN TOMORROW. The main oil pipeline on the Faw peninsula will reopen tomorrow.

11.00 Baghdad. NIGHT OF CLASHES IN SADR CITY. Bomb goes off close to the Palestine and Sheraton hotels. A curfew is in effect as US helicopters overfly Sadr City. Fires are said to have broken out.

09.50 An Najaf. MARINES ORDER CIVILIANS TO LEAVE CITY. US Marines have ordered civilians to leave the combat zone within Najaf.

09.40 London. SALEM CHALABI: "MY LIFE IS IN DANGER". I have never met this person who is now threatening me, claiming that I had threatened him. I want to go back to Iraq to defend myself against these ridiculous charges. Salem Chalabi, now residing in London, says he is innocent of having murdered Finance Ministry official Haithem in an intervew with the BBC. My biggest enemies are the supporters of the old régime.

09.30 Teheran. IRAN DENIES INVOLVEMENT IN NAJAF. Iranian Defense Minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani has denied Hazem Shaalan's charge that Iran is behind the clashes in Najaf.

09.00 Karachi. PAKISTAN SAYS NO TO SENDING TROOPS. Pakistant President Pervez Musharraf has excluded the deployment of Pakistani soldiers to Iraq in the "current context". "However, we are not closing the door should the situation change."

08.36 An Najaf. VIOLENT CLASHES IN NAJAF. Combat continues between supporters of Moqtada Sadr and US troops.

08.20 Baghdad. BOMB MEANT FOR US CONVOY. The explosion near the the Palestine and the Sheraton hotels is thought to be a roadside bomb.

07.50 Baghdad. EXPLOSION IN BAGHDAD NEAR HOTEL PALESTINE AND THE SHERATON. A powerful blast occurred in the vicintiy of the Palestine and the Sheraton hotels. During the night a dozen mortar rounds and several rockets landed in downtown Baghdad near the Green Zone.


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