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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

17 August 2004 Events in Iraq

Blair and Berlusconi have informed Bush he has to find a peaceful solution to Najaf crisis. Diary will be updated during the day.

16.45 Najaf. US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKE ON CEMETERY. US aircraft has again bombed the Najaf cemetery.

22.59 Najaf. CONFERENCE DELEGATION LEAVES CITY. Delegation leaves Najaf without meeting with Moqtada al-Sadr.

22.00 Najaf. SADR REFUSES TO MEET WITH DELEGATION. Radical Shi'ite leader Moqtada Sadr refused to meetwith the delegaton, "because of the continued agression of the Americans".

21.55 Basrah BATTLE IN CITY, BRITISH SOLDIER DIES. One British soldier was killed and several others were wounded in Basrah.

19.52 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED. US soldier killed in an RPG attack which destroyed three US armored vehicles yesterday.

19.10 Baghdad. NATIONAL CONFERENCE POSTPONES ELECTION OF ASSEMBLY DELEGATES. Election of delegates to interim national assembly postponed until tomorrow following an adjustment to the voting system.

19.05 Baghdad. ONE US SOLDIER KILLED, SEVERAL OTHERS WOUNDED. One US soldier was killed in Sadr City in clashes today.

19.00 Latifiya. BOMBING KILLS 5 CIVILIANS AND WOUNDS 7. A roadside bomb exploded in Latifiya, 50 km south of Baghdad, missing a US convoy and hitting a passenger car. Three other vehicles and several shops were destroyed.

18.55 Baghdad. US DRONE AIRCRAFT CRASHES. A Predator MQ-1 crashed not far from a US base.

18.45 Basrah BATTLE IN BASRAH BETWEEN BRITISH AND SHI'ITES. Battle starts after sunset as insurgents fire RPGs at British. A hotel was also damaged.

18.00 Basrah. INSURGENTS BATTLE FOREIGNERS. A group of Shi'ite insurgents fired on two vehicles transporting foreigners down a street in Basrah, damaging the cars and wounding the occupants. British troops come to their aid.

16.10 Vatican City. "AL SADR APPRECIATES OFFER OF PAPAL MEDIATION". Moqtad al-Sadr says he appreciates the Vatican's offer to mediate the Najaf crisis, says Monsignor Fernando Folli, the Vatican Nunzio in Baghdad.

15.25 Najaf. CONFERENCE DELEGATION ARRIVES IN NAJAF. Eight politicians and clerics were transported to Najaf by US helicopters for negotiations with al Sadr as travel by car was considered too dangerous.

15.10 Baghdad. 26 DEAD AND 104 WOUNDED DURING LAST 24 HOURS. Health Ministry official Saad al-Ameli says 19 people were killed and 59 wounded in Baghdad; 2 dead and 23 wounded in Ramadi, 5 dead and 8 wounded in Baquba, 8 wounded in Najaf e and 6 wounded in Hillah.

14.35 Geneva. UN SUSPENDS REPATRIATION OF IRAQI REFUGEES. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr) announced today in Geneva the "temporary suspension" of voluntary repatriation of Iraqi refugees in Iran due to instability in Iraq. Beginning in May 2003, the UN has facilitated the repatriation of 13 thousand Iraqi refugees from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon.

14.05 Najaf. CONFERENCE DELEGATION LEAVES FOR NAJAF. The delegation will meet Moqtada Sadr for talks.

13.25 Vatican City. "WE ARE AVAILABLE TO MEDIATE NAJAF CRISIS". Vatican says it would like to mediate an end to the Najaf crisis, says Vatican Deputy Press Secretary, Fr. Ciro Benedettini.

13.00 Karbala. JORDANIAN HOSTAGE RELEASED, TWO KIDNAPPERS ARRESTED. Samer Tumallah Hussein, an automobile dealer, was freed east of Karbala during a raid by Iraqi police. Two kidnappers were arrested whilte three others fled.

12.42 Baghdad. ABDUCTED LEBANESE SHOWN ON TV. Lebanese truck driver Mohamad Raad was abducted yesterday. His kidnappers says he will be executed within 72 hours unless his employer abandons Iraq.

12.40 Nassiriya. BERLUSCONI SAYS ATTACK WAS UNFAIR AND UNGRATEFUL. Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, who is hosting Tony Blair on his palatial estate in Sardinia, comments on this morning's incident.

12.30 Nassiriya. NAMES OF WOUNDED CARABINIERE RELEASED. Luigi Massari of Bari, Bruno Azzuni of Bolzano, and Vincenzo Cuccia of Collesano (Palermo) were wounded and transported by helicopter to Kuwait City.

12.08 Karbala JORDANIAN HOSTAGE RELEASED. Al Jazeera reports hostage was freed by police in Karbala, 110 km west of Baghdad.

11.45 Baghdad. BLAST KILLS 7 AND WOUNDS 42. At least 7 people, including two children were killed and another 42 injured in this morning's attack.

11.10 Najaf. REUTERS PHOTOGRAPHER INJURED. An Iraqi working for Reuters was wounded during violent combat between US troops using tanks and armored vehicles and Shi'ite militia. He has been hospitalized at the US base.

10.55 Rome. MARTINO, SOLIDARITY WITH GOVERNMENT. Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino expresses solidarity with Commanding General Luciano Gottardo of the Carabiniere after incident in Nassiriya.

10.40 Baghdad. BLAST CAUSED BY MORTAR FIRE. A mortar round hit a police station killing four people and wounding 24.

10.10 Baghdad. AT LEAST THREE DEAD. Blast occurs in busy commercial street.

09.55 Baghdad. THREAT OF AMBUSH DELAYS DELEGATION. Fawzi Hamza, an independent Iraqi politician says threats have delayed trip to Najaf.

09.45 Baquba. THREE SISTERS KILLED IN THEIR HOME. Rebel mortar fire in Baquba misses Governor's Palace and lands on home.

09.30 Baghdad. POWERFUL BLAST HEARD IN CAPITAL. Column of smoke is seen rising from Rashid Street on the east bank of the Tigris.

08.15 Najaf. COMBAT RESUMES. Police Chief Ghaleb al-Jazairi threatens assault on Shrine of Imam Ali.


07.30 Nassiriya. THREE CARABINIERI WOUNDED. Three Italian Carabinieri were wounded in Nassiriya after an attack on their patrol.


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