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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

December 28 Events in Iraq

Moscow. Russia sends two humanitarian relief planes to Baghdad. Russian news agency Itar-Tass reports that the Russian Ministry of Emergencies has dispatched two planes with medicine, disinfectant and 6 000 blankets to Iraq. Russian also sent two planes last Saturday with medicine, tents and emergency heating and lighting equipment as well as Russian textbooks for Baghdad Univerisity.

Balad. A police captain was killed and two of his men were wounded as their patrol was abushed by rebels.

Chourqat. Two police were killed when rebels raided their post.

Tikrit. An intepreter for the US military and an Iraqi contractor were kidnapped by rebels.

Ishaki. Police station raided by rebels in this town south of Samarra. A police commander and four underlings were killed.

Samarra. Three national guard and three civilians killed in carbombing.

Kirkuk. Three businessmen working for the US military were slain by unknown assailants.

Baïji. An Iraqi civilian was killed by a homemade bomb.

Fallujah. Iraqi caretaker government deploys 800 police to Fallujah. (More police than residents--Nur.)

Baghdad. US deploys 5,000 more troops to the capital.

Karbala. US troops kill Iraqi National Guardsman after they mistook him for a rebel.

23:17 Washington. US lashes out at Syria. The US has accused Syria of offering refuge to Saddam loyalists. US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli says Syria "must do something about it." Richard Armitage will raise the question with Syria when he visits Damascus in the next few days.

22:37 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi claims credit for attempted assassination of al-Hakim. In a message distributed over the Internet, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed credit for the attempted assassination of SCIRI leader Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, who survived. Fifteen others were killed in the truck bombing of SCIRI headquarters.

19:07 Paris. French reporter Christian Chesnot wants to visit Baldoni family. Christian Chesnot wants to travel to Italy to meet the surviving spouse and family of executed Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni.

18:12 Basrah. British solider found dead. A 33 year-old British soldier was found dead of gunshot wounds near his base in Shaibah, southwest of Basrah. (Likely suicide)

17:00 Samarra. Two Iraqi National Guard killed by roadside bomb.

16:10 Baquba. Death toll in carbombing rises to 8. Eight Iraqi National Guardsmen were killed and 15 injured in today's suicide carbombing.

15:38 Baquba. Suicide carbomb kills six Iraqi National Guard. Six Iraqi National Guardsmen were killed and 18 wounded when they were rammmed by a suicide carbomb as they were coming to the aid of another patrol, struck by a roadside bomb.

14:53 Mahmudiyah. Communist party leader found dead. Saadi Abdel Jabbar al-Bayati, kidnapped along a highway yesterday, was found dead.

13:39 Dubai. Osama bin Laden: "This is World War III". This is World War III, which the Crusaders and Zionists have started against Islam. It's metaphor is the war in Iraq. This is from part three of the Bin Laden tape broadcast by al Jazeera. This message is for you, the people of the Islamic nation. Listen; take heed. This is really quite important. What is going in is a most serious and dangerous matter; it's focal point is Baghdad. The world is witnessing this war and observing the two sides. The nation of Islam is on one side and America and its allies on the other. In this moment the nation of Islam is offered the opportunity of escape from enslavement by the West.

12:40 Tokyo. Decapitation video projected at rock concert. The Japanese rock group Klack projected the decapitation of Japanese hostage Shosei Koda in Iraq on a giant screen as part of its concert in Usayasu, east of Tokyo. The concert was being broadcast by the Tokyo Broadcasting System and was scene in households across the country. The network later apologized to viewers.

11:32 Tokyo. Japan offers 71 million euros for reconstruction. Japanese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Shinichi Kadowaki says Japan is offering 10 billion yen to Iraq for the purchase of ambulances, medical equipment, garbage trucks and police cars. Currently there are 550 Japanese military personnel deployed to the southern province of Muthana.

10:32 Baghdad. Rebels raid police stations killing 18. Rebels raided several police stations north of the capital, killing a total of 18 police. Thirteen were killed in cold blood in Dijla, near Tikrit. Another five police were killed at a police station next to an elections office in Balad and in a nearby village.

10:04 Baghdad. Attempted assassination fails. A carbomb exploded this morning in front of the home of Iraqi National Guard General Mudher al Mula as he left his home for work. One member of his escort was killed and eight others wounded.

09:18 Baquba. Iraqi Interior Ministry official assassinated. An official of Iraq's Interior Ministry was assassinated in a barber shop in Baquba. Three others were wounded.

09:06 Tikrit. Rebels attack police station. A rebel commando team attacked a police station in Tikrit, killing 13 police and wounding another 2.

06:18 Barjisiya. Saboteur killed in pipeline explosion southwest of Basrah. A saboteur who planted a bomb along a pipeline runing from the Shueiba refinery to the South Oil Company's storage tanks was killed when he failed to escape the blast.


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