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Saturday, January 22, 2005

January 22 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. US soldiers shoot their interpreter in the head. Specialist Charley Hooser and Specialist Rami Dajani shot their 28 year-old female Iraqi interpreter and mother of one child in the head, then claimed she committed suicide. The soldiers were "joking around" inside an interrogations room in Camp Cropper when they placed a 9mm pistol against the interpreter's head and fired. The incident took place on 27 November 2004. The pair was court-martialed in Baghdad. [With US troops doing such a fine job on people who work for them, who needs guerrillas?--Nur]

23:40 London. 400 more British troops to arrive. 400 more UK troops are expected to arrive in Iraq over the weekend to reinforce security arrangements for the upcoming election.

20:30 Baghad. Video shows Brazilian hostage. Al Jazeera TV has broadcast a video produced by insurgents showing a Brazilian engineer who has been taken hostage. So far, the kidnappers have made no demands.

16:01 Hilla: Attack on Iraqi military. Six Iraqi soldiers were wounded by a carbomb in Hillla, 100 km south of Baghdad.

14:37 Baghad. Ex-pat Iraqi voter registration extended. Iraqi voters living abroad may continue to register through Tuesday due to low turnout.

13:13 Baghad. Airport to be shut down. Baghdad airport will be shut down on 29 and 30 January.

11:02 Kuwait city. US Apache helicopter crashes while on a training flight, killing one US soldier and injuring another over northwest Kuwait City.

09:27 Dubai. Al Arabiya TV reports Chinese hostages released. The Nuamaan Brigade of the Islamic Resistance Movement has released eight Chinese laborers held hostage near Ramadi.

08:50 Baghdad. Wedding party bombing casualty toll. At least 11 are dead and 27 injured in the suicide bombing of wedding celebration in Kar al Awsat, 20 km south of the capital.


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