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Thursday, January 27, 2005

January 27 Events in Iraq

Damascus. Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk el-Shareh tells the newspaper al Hayat that he is skeptical on the outcome of Sunday's elections in Iraq.

Amman. King Abdallah II of Jordan tells AFP that he is concerned by rumors of the formation of an independent state in southern Iraq.

Samarra. Five Iraqis were killed in clashes between US troops and insurgents.

Ramadi. Clashes killed two in Ramadi, where the bodies of four executed Iraqi soldiers were found.

Tikrit. Carbomb kills four civilians and two police.

Baghdad. Ansar al-Sunna issued new threats against Iraqis participating in Sunday's elections.

Copenhagen. 63 % of Danes in favor of troop pullout. The Danish people are in disagreement with their conservative government, which is loyal to the United States. Danes want to withdraw their contingent of 525 troops, 500 of whom are stationed in Basrah.

22:39 Basrah. Three explosions at polling stations. Three bombs caused slight damage at three polling stations in Basrah

22:29 Sydney. Iraqis vote in Australia. Balloting stations open in Australia.

19:35 Washington. Plea bargain in Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Sgt. Javal Davis has concluded a plea bargain in exchange for partial culpability. As part of the bargian, Davis will be charged with simple assault and perjury, avoiding charges of prisoner abuse and dereliction of duty.

18:38 Baghdad. US citizens in Iraq have been warned to exercise caution in Iraq. Insurgents threaten harm to Americans during elections weekend.

18:09 Ankara. Erdogan, Negative consequences to follow elections. The elections on Sunday will not be fully democratic and will result in negative consequences for Iraq., says Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

17:47 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi executes Allawi's private secretary in video. Jaafar al Kanani, a candidate in Sunday's elections, was executed by gunshot before the camera after pleading with Iraq's youth not to cooperate with the Americans. Al Kanani was kidnapped on 23 January in Basrah.

17:34 Rome. Fini: "We will go when the Iraqis ask us to go". Italian Vice Premier and Foreign Secretary [and member of the Italian Fascist party--Nur] Gianfranco Fini says Italy's contingent will leave Iraq only when asked.

17:19 London: 220 fresh troops to be dispatched to Iraq. The UK will deploy 220 fresh troops to Iraq to replace 1,600 Dutch troops who will be quitting Iraq in mid-March.

17:06 Baltimore. Ted Kennedy, Troop withdrawal must begin. Ted Kennedy calls for withdraw of US troop from Iraq. For the first time an important American political figure calls for troop pullout. In a speech at Johns Hopkins University, Kennedy told the audience, It will not be easy but we must start....The US troop presence has become part of the problem instead of the solution.

15:49 Ramadi, carbomb at entrance to US base. A suicide carbomb exploded in Ramadi in front of a US base there. A column of smoke was seen rising from the area.

14:34 Baquba, Zarqawi claims credit for attack on Provincial Government. Al Zarqawi claims credit for a bomb targeting the Baquba provincial government which killed 1 and wounded 7.

14:25 Samarra, second carbombing. Death toll rises to 11. A suicide carbomb targeted an polling station in Samarra.

14:19 Babylon. US soldier killed and four others wounded. A US marine was killed and four others wounded in a security operation in Babylon Province.

13:30 Samarra, elections office bombed. Seven Iraqis were killed and five wounded when a second suicide carbomb rammed a polling station in Samarra.

12:33 Samarra, carbomb targeting polling station kills Iraqi soldier.

12:16 Washington. Rumsfeld, escalation of violence to follow elections. US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld says violence will continue in Iraq until mid-April. [We know Rummy's crystal ball has a few cracks--Nur]

11:16 Moscow. Russia will not send elections observers. Moscow has announced that it will not send elections observers to Iraq because of the level of violence there.

10:59 Tikrit, Elections Committee office bombed. Three grenades destroyed the offices of the Iraqi Elections Committee in Tikrit. Meanwhile, mortar rounds were fired at a police barracks inside the city and at three polling stations in the suburban communities Chirqat, Touz and Ishaki.

10:47 Karbala, three terrorists arrested. Iraqi police arrested two Iraqis and one North African suspected as terrorists in Karbala. Evidence was found indicating that the group were part of the radical Islamist organization al-Shura Council of Mujahideen.

10:27 Strasbourg. EU prepared to train Iraqi police and judges. EU Foreign Affairs chief Javier Solana says a plan to train Iraqi police and magistrates will be introduced to the EU Council of Ministers on 21 February.

10:13 Baquba, carbomb targets provincial government. A carbomb exploded in front of the provincial government headquarters in Baquba, killing an Iraqi army officer and four soldiers. Another 10 soldiers and civilians were wounded. When the detonation occurred the provincial governor was in a meeting with tribal leaders.

08:43 Baghdad. Bomb kills 5. Five civilians were killed and 15 wounded when a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi convoy between Mamudiya and Latifiya, 50 km south of Baghdad.

07:51 Kirkuk, bombs target polling station and US troops. Several homemade bombs exploded this morning near three polling stations and a US military convoy.

07:42 Baghdad. US soldier killed north of capital. A US soldier was killed in a firefight in the Province of Diyala, north of Baghdad.


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