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Sunday, February 13, 2005

February 13 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Shi'ites to govern in a major Arab state for the first time since the 10th century Fatamid Caliphate in Egypt.

Kirkuk. Kurds win the absolute majority of seats on the At Ta'mim Provincial Council. The provincial seat is the city of Kirkuk, where Kurds drove through the streets waving Kurdish flags in celebration.

Baghdad. Ahmed Chalabi says he is backed for the post of Prime Minister by Sistani's Unified Iraqi Alliance.

Los Angeles. Hollywood intends to recreate the November assault on Fallujah. Harrison Ford to star in Universal Pictures' No True Glory, the Battle for Fallujah.

21:53 Kirkuk. Gas pipeline explosion.

21:52 Samarra, US soldier killed. One US soldier was killed and another wounded by gunfire near their military base. Total of US KIA rises to 1,455.

21:11 Washington. White House congratulates elections victors.

20:45 Nassiriya. Interpreter and son killed. An Iraqi interpreter for Italian forces was killed along with his 20 year-old son in Nassiriya.

17:42 Baghdad. 30 January to become national holiday.

17:25 Balad. Three US soldiers killed in road accident. A US armored vehicle was returning to Balad, north of Bagdad, when it careened into a canal, killing three US soldiers and wounding another five.

15:18 Baghdad. Shi'ite lists win 132 seats in 275-seat National Assembly.

15:02 Baghdad. Composition of new National Assembly. Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani: 132 seats; Kurds: 71 seats; Iyad Allawi: 38 seats; Ghazi Al Yawar: 5 seats.

14:45 Al Anbar Province. Voter turnout is 2 per cent.

14:34 Baghdad. Iyad Allawi's list finishes third.

14:31 Baghdad. National voter turnout was 8,055,000.

14:30 Baghdad. Shi'ites win more 4,075,000 votes.

14:19 Baghdad. Election results expected soon.

13:09 Baquba. A member of the Iraqi Communist Party and a member of the local city council were assassinated.

12:59 Munich: Dispatch of UN troops "a difficult propostion". UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says UN troops are unlikely to be sent to Baghdad. He also said he would not resign over the Oil for Food scandal.

12:57 Baghdad. Al Arabiya TV reports that two candidates on Allawi's list were assassinated.

12:34 Mosul. Two civilians killed. Rebels fire RPGs at the Mosul Governor's residence, wounding two civilians. Meanwhile, 14 bodies were recovered after numerous incidents of violence.

12:33 Dhoulouiyah.Two bodies riddled with bullets found. The corpses of two Iraqi soldiers were recovered near Dhoulouiyah, 70 km north of Baghdad.

12:29 Samarra. Two Iraqis killed at checkpoint. US soldiers open fire on two vehicles at a checkpoint near Samarra, killing two civilians and wounding a third.

12:24 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi executes Iraqi general. General Jadaane Malih, commandant of the Taji Military Base 10 km north of Baghdad, and two bodyguards were executed by a group linked to al Zarqawi.

12:20 Baghad. Iraqi army officer killed in ambush north of Baghdad.

11:19 Baghdad. Police operation follows attacks on Shi'ites. Iraqi police have rounded up 52 persons suspected of shooting up a Shi'ite bread bakery in Baghdad.

10:40 Rome. Sgrena kidnapping. Fini: "The Italian government does not deal with criminals" (Except those inside Italy--Nur). Italian foreign minister Gianfranco Fini tells the UK Sunday Times that the Berlusconi government does not deal with criminals.

10:06 Baghdad. Three bodies recovered. The corpses of three Iraqis were found bound and blindfolded east of Baghdad. The trio could be police or soldiers.

10:02 Baghdad. Anonymous sources says Kurds trail Shi'ites in elections.

09:27 Baghdad. Election results to give Iraqi Shi'ites 60 per cent of the vote.

09:26 Hilla. Carbomb kills one at checkpoint. A suicide carbomb targeted a Iraqi-controlled checkpoint between Hilla and Kerbala, killing at least one person.

06:38 Washington. US drones spy the Iranian skies. The Washington Post reports that US drone aircraft are deployed on spy missions over Iran. Teheran has protested the incursions through the Swiss Embassy, saying it hasn't shot down such aircraft in order to keep its defensive weaponry under wraps.


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