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Saturday, February 12, 2005

February 12 Events in Iraq

21:29 Sallamia. Bodies of six Iraqis found. Six bodies were found in Sallamia and transferred to Mosul. The victims are Kurds from northwest Iraq who worked for a security firm based in Baghdad. They were caught in an ambush on their way to Baghdad. Thier car was stolen in the ambush.

20:20 Munich. NATO postpones opening of Iraqi military academy. US Gen. James Jones says Baghdad military academy will not open this fall due to reluctance of allies to supply funds and instructors.

20:11 Nassiriya. Gunfire wounds four. Gunfire inside a police station in Nassiriya wounded four police. Little is known about the incident.

20:06 Baghdad. Election returns to be announced Sunday evening.

19:22 Hilla. Bomb kills three civilians. A roadside bomb targeting a US convoy exploded prematurely, killing three civilians.

18:11 Baghdad. Carbomb wounds 6. Five Iraqi civilians and a US soldier wer wounded by a boobytrapped car in Baghdad.

17:14 Munich. Solana calls for increased European involvement in reconstruction. EU Foreign Minister Javier Solana tells a security convention in Munich says the EU should give an "appropriate" level off aid to Iraq. The EU has agreed to train 800 magistrates, police and administrators. The EU will also contribute an additional 200 million euro towards reconstruction in 2005.

16:31 Rome. Boniver: No news on Sgrena. Italian Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Margherita Boniver says there is no news on the status of Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena.

15:43 Mosul. Eight bodies found. Insurgents execute eight Iraqis as infidel soldiers who took part in the assault on Fallujah.

15:35 Erbil. Allawi looks for support in Kurdistan. Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi is in Kurdistan looking for political allies, according to the newspaper Al-Mashriq. Allawi has received the support of PDK leader Massud Barzani.

13:49 Baghdad. Iraqi police say al Zarqawi is in Kirkuk. Interim government announces that there's a possibility that al Zarqawi may be captured at any moment. There was no immediate comment from U.S. or Iraqi officials on the report that Zarqawi had moved to Kirkuk.

10:54 Baghdad. Attacks north of capital kill one and wound eight, including three children. A soldier was killed and another wounded in a mortar attack on an Iraqi base at Dhoulouiya, 70 km north of Baghdad. Two police were wounded in separate incidents while on patrol in Tikrit and in Touz.

10:15 Moussaieb. Eighteen killed in carbombing. 18 Civlians were killed and 25 wounded on an attack on a hospital.

08:46 Basrah. High-ranking magistrate killed. Taha Al Amir was killed when masked gunmen opened fire on her car in the Briha district of Basrah. Her chauffeur was wounded.

08:43 Tel Afar. Two killed by bomb. At least two civilians were killed and three wounded in the explosion of a homemade bomb as US troops conducted a house-to-house search for insurgents.

08:42 Babil. Two US soldiers killed in road accidents. One US soldier was killed in al Anbar Province and another in Babil Province in separate road accidents.


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