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Monday, February 07, 2005

February 7 Events in Iraq

Riyadh. Stormy session at conference on terrorism. Iranian and US diplomats exchanged harsh words in terrorism conference in Riyadh sponsored by Saudi Arabia. Iranians insisted on making an instant rebuttal to charges made against Iran by US delegation chief Frances Townsend, who also lashed out at Syria. [Way to be a "diplomat".--Nur]

Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheik Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah warned that incidents of terrorism were rising throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Baghdad. The electoral alliance supported by Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani seems assured of an absolute majority in the new Iraqi National Assembly.

Baghdad. Foreign journalists intimidated. Correspondent Christine Buck for the German daily Die Welt says reporters are afraid to leave their hotels following the kidnapping of Giuliana Sgrena. Reporter Luciano Gulli for the Italian paper Il Giornale says he keeps a moustache and always wears a keffieh when he goes out with his chauffer.

Fallujah. Refugee camps outside Fallujah have become a "Red Zone" for reporters. Both Giuliana Sgrena and Florence Aubenas were kidnapped after gathering material for a story on Fallujah.

Ottawa. Ottawa donates US$ 400,000 to Iraqi media. Canada's Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) organization will make contribution to reinforce media freedom in Iraq.

21:03 Baghdad. Four Egyptian engineers freed by kidnappers

18:54 Baghdad. Five Iraqis killed. Five Iraqis, including the nephew of a tribal chieftain, were killed in the Province of Salaheddin. Five others were wounded.

18:05 Baiji. Pipeline sabotaged.

17:31 Baghdad. Elections Commission admits to flawed vote in northern Iraq. Iraq's Election Commission admitted to a flawed vote in Burttella, 40 km east of Mosul, where more than 15 thousand voters were unable to cast their ballots.

15:49 Baquba. Thirty die in bombings in Baquba and Mossul. A carbomb exploded in front of a police recruiting station in Baquba, killing 15 and wounding 17. Meanwhile a police barracks was targeted by a suicide bomber in Mossul, killing 11 and wounding 6.

14:21 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcast hostage release plea. Staff of al Jazeera broadcasts plea for the release of Italian reporter Giuliana Sgrena.

14:07 Baghdad. Turkish contractor to be released. The release of Kahraman Sadikoglu, a Turkish businessman kidnapped on 16 December in Umm al-Qasr, is expected soon, says Ankara newspaper Sabah.

14:06 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi opposes world conference on combatting terrorism being held in Riyadh.

13:55 Mossul. Leader of Christian Democrats disappears. Naturalized Swedish citizen Minas Ibrahim al-Yousifi is missing in Iraq.

13:53 Dubai. Al Arabiya broadcasts plea for the release of Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena.

13:26 Moscow. Gorbaciov: "Iraqi elections are invalid" Mikhail Gorbaciov has raised doubts on the validity of the Iraqi elections, which he says are illegitimate.

13:22 Mosul. Mortar rounds strike city hall. One person is dead and three wounded in a mortar attack on Mosul's city hall.

13:16 Baghdad. Internet video shows execution of kidnapped Iraqi. Ansar al-Sunna executes Iraqi working for the Americans.

12:59 Baquba. Group linked to al Zarqawi claims credit for Baquba attack.

12:37 Baquba. At least 27 dead in suicide bombings in Baquba and Mosul.

10:41 Mosul. Group linked to al Zarqawi claims credit for Mosul attack.

10:20 Mosul. Suicide bomber hid explosives in overcoat. A suicide bomber blew himself up after he joined a group of police waiting in line outside a hospital.

09:40 Baquba. Carbomb kills 14 and wounds 13.

09:25 Baquba. At least 8 dead in carbombing.

09:12 Mosul, 11 dead and 6 wounded in carbombing. Police were killed as they went to hospital to receive a paycheck.

08:18 Baghdad. No one claims responsibility for kidnapping Egyptians.

07:40 Baghdad. US denies raid on police station. US military denies reports of an attack on a police barracks in Mahawil, said to have killed 22 police.

07:25 Baghdad. US soldier killed. A member of Task Force Baghdad was killed by a roadside bomb in north Baghdad.

07:13 Baghdad. Iraqi Ulema plead for release of Italian reporter Giuliana Sgrena.


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