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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Razorwire Elections

London. More than 2/3 of civilains killed in Iraq over the last six months died during military operations, reports BBC. Iraqi officials have already protested the figure. It its Sunday show, "Panorama", the BBC cites figures from the Iraqi Healty Ministry for the period 1 July 2004 to 1 January 2005. Of 3,274 persons killed, 2,041 were killed as a result of US and Iraqi military operations; the remaining 1,233 died in terrorist operations. 8,542 were wounded.

23:15 Baghdad. Intense firefight. Witnesses report automatic weaspons fire, tracer bullets and flares in the Rusata district of Baghdad opposite the Green Zone.

21:30 Baghdad. Flyers are distributed in Baghdad against elections. By God, we shall wash the streets of Baghdad with the blood of anyone attempting to vote.

21:26 Washington. Expatriate vote in USA. No problems in balloting for 25,946 registered Iraqi voters. Polling stations are located in Washington, Los Angeles, Detroit, Nashville (Tennessee) and Chicago.

21:04 Baghdad. No international elections observers present in Iraq. OCSE has cancelled its delegation.

20:09 General Thomas Metz: "Voting difficult within Sunni Triangle" [No, you can't really put a ballot into a flaming receptacle.--Nur]

19:25 Baghdad. Embassy spokesman: Dead and wounded are Americans. Rocket hits embassy, 2 dead and 4 wounded.

19:18 Baghdad. Rocket attack on US embassy

18:59 Baghdad. US soldier killed by bomb in west Baghdad.

18:49 Baghdad. Rocket hits US Embassy, at least two are dead.

18:46 Baghdad. Explosion at US Embassy in Baghdad.

18:09 Paris. Light turnout at polls. Less than a dozen expatriate Iraqis voted out of 1,041 registered.

18:08 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi claims credit for bombing at Khanquin.

17:57 Germany, high turnout at polls. Expat Iraqis vote in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Mannheim. So far 6,631 Iraqis have voted out of 26,416 registered.

17:40 Baghdad. State of emergency extended for another 60 days. The state of emergency declared in early November has been extended. The decree permits curfew, border closings and arrest without charges.

16:39 Al Yawar: Two-thirds of Iraqis will vote. Iraqi President al Yawar retracts statement that turnout will be light

16:05 Baghdad. Third mortar attack on Green Zone.

15:52 Baghdad. 400 Iraqis killed in January 2005. In January to date 400 Iraqis have died and 45 polling stations were attacked in elections-related violence.

15:23 Baghdad. Allawi. Voter turnout to be low. Iyad Allawi admits voter turnout will be low.

14:49 Mosul. Cartbomb. A donkey cart exploded outside a polling station in Sharqat, south of Mosul.

14:43 Baghdad. Mortar fire directed at Green Zone from across the Tigris in a second attack.

14:33 Baghdad Al Yawar: "Many Iraqis won't vote out of fear."

14:29 Baghdad. Violence on the increase. 24 hours before the vote, attacks took place across the country. The death toll is now 24.
  • In Khanaqin, on the border with Iran northeast of Baghdad, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to a military base, killing three soldiers and five civilians, including one child, and wounding another seven.
  • In Baiji, four police were killed by gunshot along the main highway to Shorgat, 200 km north of Baghdad.
  • In Doulouiyah, an army base received mortar fire, killing 3 soldiers and wounding 4.
  • In Balad the remains of three kidnapped Iraqis who worked as security guards for a private company were found.
  • In Salman Pak, a police patrol was ambushed and two police were killed.
  • In As-Suwayrah a mortar round killed a policeman as his colleagues fled to a US military base in Moussayyb; a second mortar round hit a home, killing a woman and two children.
  • In Mosul, mortar fire damages four polling station.

13:05 Expatriate Iraqis. 30% of Iraqis living abroad have voted.

12:49 Baghdad. The crewmembers of yesterday's downed Kiowa helicopter are dead.

12:22 Rome. Berlusconi: "We shall continue to do our part". Italian Premier Berlusconi says Italian troops will remain in Iraq to support the political process.

10:16 Khanaqin. Eight are dead. At least 8 people including five civilians and three Iraqi soldiers are dead in Khanaqinm, on the Iranian border. A bomber wearing a suicide vest walked into a joint Iraqi-US military base and detonated a bomb.

09:25 Baghdad. Shooting in downtown Baghdad. Shooting occurred in downtown Baghdad on a bridge over the Tigris.

09:24 Baghdad. Major security deployment. A surreal silence reigns most fear rebel attacks.


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I'm a bit confused about the 2/3 civilian casualties numbers...

I don't understand the sample... 3274 people killed by violence? Were they the only 3274 people killed in that period? Did you get any better feel for what they were trying to say?

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