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Friday, January 28, 2005

January 28 Events in Iraq

Washington. Condoleeza Rice suggests nuclear crisis with Iran can be resolved diplomatically

Cracow. Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is prepared to sell defensive missiles to Syria.

Washington. Combat deaths of Hispanic GIs generate concern. Hispanics represent 9% of all GIs but more than 12% of combat deaths in Iraq. 157 "Latino" have been killed in action since March 2003. Brian GIfford, a researcher at UC Berkeley, says that the rate of Latino deaths rises with intensity of combat. Between 19 March and 30 April, Hispanics represented 16.5% of US soldiers killed in action. Families of the dead claim that there is racial discrimination within combat units.

20:48 Baghdad. Deputy premier announces capture of Zarqawi lieutenant. Iraqi Vice Premier Barham Saleh told reporters by teleconference at the Pentagon that a third lieutenant of al Zarqawi, Anat Mohammed Hamat al Kays, has been arrested.

20:28 Baghdad. Firefire in Green Zone. Intense fighting with light weapons and machine guns took place this evening in the north Green Zone

20:20 Dohuk. Blasts in Kurdistan, 4 wounded. At least four persons were wounded in the city of Dohuk, 465 km north of Baghdad, as bombs target the headquarters of the DPK.

19:43 Nassiriya. Reinforced security meansures at Italian base. Italians double patrols at their base, Camp Mitica.

19:41 Baghdad. Deputy premier says capture of al Zarqawi is nearing.

19:23 Copenhagen. One-third of Iraqi voters cast ballots. In the town of Tostrup outside Copenaghen 4,450 expat Iraqis have cast their votes. In Sweden 31,000 Iraqis have registered to vote. Polling stations are located in Gothenberg and Stockholm. Iraqi expats in Norway will vote in Sweden.

19:00 Baghdad. Homemade bomb kills three US soldiers. Bomb in west Baghdad kills three US soldiers.

18:52 Baghdad. US helicopter downed. A OH-58 Kiowa was downed southwest of Baghdad.

17:48 Samarra. Al Zarqawi claims responsibility. A group headed by Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi detonated 2 suicide carbombs targeting polling stations in Samarra yesterday, killing 11 and wounding 7.

16:44 New York. Kofi Annan: "Go vote." UN Secretary General Kofi Annan sends message to Iraqi people, asking them to vote.

16:27 Geneva. Expatriate voting encounters no problems. Voting in 14 countries begins without complications, says Jean Philippe Chauzy, spokesman for the International Migration Association.

16:23 Baghdad. Lengthy curfew beings. A 12-hour curfew across Iraq began today at 6:00 pm.

16:10 Washington Bush: "Iraqi elections will change history". Bush says Iraqi voting will change history in an investiture ceremony for US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

16:00 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed. A US soldier was killed by gunfire in north Baghdad. A second soldier was killed and another wounded by a roadside bomb.

15:47 Ramadi. Bodies of Iraqi soldiers found. The remains of seven executed Iraqi soliders were abandoned on a street in Ramadi.

15:29 Baghdad. US general says violence to increase. Brigadier General Erv Lessel says violence in Iraq will continue after elections.

15:27 Baghdad. Nine wounded in attacks on polling stations. Forty polling stations throughout Iraq were destroyed by mortar fire, carbombs and homemade bombs.

12:30 Baghdad. Zarqawi lieutenant captured. Salah Salam Dubaig al-Ubaidi, aka Abu Saif, and Ali Mohamed Yassin Al-Issawi were arrested in Baghdad on 15 and 17 January, respectively.

12:18 Strasbourg. UE commission recommends new aid package for Iraq. The European Commission has offered a 200 million euro aid package to Iraq, says Austrian Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

10:52 Baghdad. Streets closed to traffic. Most streets in downtown Baghdad will be closed to traffic and monitored by US troops in armored vehicles.

10:42 Baghdad. Resistance group will not attack voters. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq will not attack polling stations and voters on Sunday.

10:40 Damascus. Assad: "Iraq is not ready for elections." Syrian President Bashar al-Assad tells al Hayat that From our standpoint, with the refusal of a signficiant number of Iraqis to vote, Iraq is not ready for elections.

09:26 Ramadi. Bodies of four Iraqi soldiers found. The remains of four Iraqi soldiers found in the Tamim district of Ramadi.

08:54 Kirkuk. Polling stations attacked, one policeman killed. One policeman was killed in an attack on a polling station in Kirkuk. Meanwhile a booby-trapped car detonated near a school in Dura.

07:24 Polling stations outside Iraq open. 280,000 Iraqi expatriates begin voting in Australia, New Zealand, Jordan and the UAE.

07:20 New York. Bush tells NY Times that US forces will withdraw if asked by new Iraqi government.

07:19 Baghdad. Carbomb kills four civilians. Carbomb targets police station in south Baghdad, killing four civilians.


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