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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 8 Events in Iraq

Teheran. Nuclear program director Hassan Rohani says Iran's nuclear program is invulnerable to US attack.

Riyadh. International terrorism conference in Riyadh has approved the creation of a world anti-terrorism center. Crown Prince Abdallah ben Abdel Aziz says the center will likely be located in Switzerland.

Mosul. Two police killed by a booby-trapped car.

Mosul. Two members of the PDK shot dead.

Baiji. Two Iraqis who did not stop at an Iraqi army checkpoint were shot dead.

Tikrit. Bodies of two collaborators executed by Ansar al Sunna for collaboration with the Americans were found.

Kiev. Ukraine to replace military personnel with civilians. The Ukraine will progressive withdraw its 1,600 troops from Iraq and replace them with civilians. Foreign Minister Boris Tarasiouk says troops will be replaced by instructors, diplomats and businessmen. [So they'll have the second-biggest embassy in Baghdad?--Nur]

London. Dead British servicement repatriated. The bodies of 10 British servicemen killed in the crash of a C-130 Hercules on 30 January arrived at Lyneham RAF base in southwest England.

Nineveh Province. Thousands of ballots nullified. The ballots in 40 ballot boxes will not be counted because of voting fraud, say Elections Commission spokesman Farid Ayar.

Lisbon. Portuguese gendarmes will return to Lisbon on Sunday, says Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes. Santana Lopes says Portugal will continue to support the Iraqi peacekeeping effort "in a different manner."

Budapest. Hungary has evaculated its diplomatic personnel. Hungary has evacuated its diplomatic personnel from Baghdad to Damascus because the parliamentary deployment mandate of its embassy guards has expired. Some Hungarian military remain in Baghdad as trainers.

00:19 Rome. Cautious optimism for release of Giuliana Sgrena.

20:46 Mahmudiyah. Two men killed and one woman kidnapped. The owners of Mahmudiyah's oldest cafè were, both Shi'ites, were killed for voting in the 30 January elections. A female city employee was kidnapped buy unknown persons. US troops in the area rounded up 20 radical Islamists.

18:39 Rome. Italian parliamentarians to discuss refinancing of contingent on Thursday. Center left politician Romano Prodi and party whips in the Senate will meet to discuss their respective positions concerning the refinancing of the Italian mission in Iraq. [The issue here is that Italians hawks want to load up on combat equipment for a nominal "peacekeeping" mission.--Nur]

18:27 Washington. Pentagon says insurgents number 15 thousand. Abu Musab al Zarqawi's group is considered to number around 1,000, with 500 foreigners at most.

17:58 Baghdad. Election results to be reported next week. The definite vote count following the 30 January elections is expected at the end of next week.

17:32 Rome. Prodi: "We remain opposed to the war". Italian center-left politician Romano Prodi says his coalition remains opposed to the war "along with 70% of Europeans."

14:05 Baghdad. Al Qaeda claims credit for bombing. A group linked to al Zarqawi says one of its members carried out this morning's suicide bombing in Baghdad.

13:41 Tikrit. Decapitation suspect arrested. Khaled Zakiyah was captured when he visited relatives in Tikrit.

12:25 Baghdad. Bombing kills 21. This morning's carbombing of a police recruiting office in the capital kills 21 recruits and wounds 27.

12:21 Brussels. Fini calls for UN involvement. Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini seconds Condoleezza Rice's call for UN involvement in Iraq.

11:56 Baghdad. Experts say message announcing execution of Italian reporter is false. Egyptian terrorism expert Dia Rashwan of the Al Ahram Center says message from the Mujahiddin Brigades announcing the execution of Giuliana Sgrena is likely false.

10:45 Nice. Blair wants involvement of other nations. Prime Minister Tony Blair wants NATO and other countries involved in Iraq.

10:31 Rome. Rice says US pullout of Iraq out of the question

10:21 Baghdad. Suicide bomber was on foot. A suicide bomber walked inside an Iraqi Army compound in Baghdad and detonated bomb as he climbed abord a truck transporting troops.

10:20 Baghdad. Iraqi government says release Giuliana Sgrena is uncertain.

10:11 Baghdad. Bombing death toll rises to 18.

09:15 Baghdad. At least 13 dead in bombing of recruiting office.

09:06 Baghdad. Four Iraqis killed north of Baghdad. Four Iraqis were killed and seven others wounded by roadside bomb north of Baghdad in Salaheddin Province.

09:06 Baghdad: Iraqi Army recruiting office bombed.

09:05 Baghdad. Assassination attempt on politician. Mithal al-Alusi, 52, Iraqi National Democratic Party Secretary, escaped assassination this morning, but his sons, aged 22 and 30, were killed in the shoot-out. Al Alusi is a former Sunni associate of Ahmad Chalabi and ran as a candidate for the national assembly in the January 30 elections. Al Alusi supports normalization of ties to Israel and visited that country recently.

09:03 Rome: Execution notice is false. An announcement on the web that Giuliana Sgrena has been executed is false.


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