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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Saturday, March 19, 2005

March 19 Events in Iraq

Balad. A soldier and a civilian were killed in a grenade attack at a highway checkpoint.

Moussaieb. The body of a policeman showing signs of torture was recovered in a town south of Baghdad.

Baiji. Oil pipeline sabotaged. Meanwhile, the body of a civilian interpreter who worked for the US military was discovered near the town; the victim had been shot in the head.

Fallujah. 250 ex-policemen demand their jobs back.

23:55 Doha. One dead and 12 wounded in theater bombing.

20:39 Doha: Explosion at British school. An explosion has rocked an auditorium of a British school in the suburbs of Doha, Qatar. The "Doha Player" Theatre is in flames. Dozens of spectators, mostly foreigners, were inside the threater at the moment of the explosion. Police have sealed off the residential area of Farek Kelab five km (three miles) north of Doha. At least 50 people, plus the cast, are believed to have been in the theatre at the time of the blast.

18:20 Baghdad. No ransom paid in release of Swedish national. The Papal Nunzio in Stockholm says the Vatican intervened in the release of Minas Al Yousifi.

17:09 Rome: Anti-war demonstration. World social Forum mobilizes hundreds in Rome to protest war.

14:19 Beirut: Lahoud will not attend Arab League summit. Lebanese President Emile Lahoud says he will not attend the Arab League summit in Algiers to be held 22-23 March due to the current situation in Lebanon.

13:52 Baghdad. Powerful blast rocks capital in broad daylight. Columns of smoke were seen rising from the western bank of the Tigris close to the green zone.

11:13 Basrah. Students attacked. A group of militants supporting Moqtada Al Sadr attacked a group of university students at a departmental picnic. A female student was beaten to death.

10:09 Kirkuk. Four police dead; 2 wounded.

9:48 Kirkuk. Three police die in rebel attack. A roadside bomb in the center of the city detonated as a funeral procession passed by.

09:24 Ramadi. Suicide carbombs target US military convoy. An explosives-laden vehicle exploded near a US military patrol on a highway 5km northwest of Ramadi. Al Qaida's wing in Iraq said its "martyrdom brigade" was behind the attack.

09:16 Kirkuk. Iraqi policeman killed by rebels. Four others are wounded.

08:58 Beirut: Eight wounded in last night's carbombing in the Maronite Christian suburb of New Jdaida northeas of Beirut. An 8-story apartment building was destroyed as a parked Datsun belonging to a resident detonated. The owner was unaware of the exploive charge hidden in his vehicle.


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