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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

20 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Five car bombings strike capital within 24 hours.

Baghdad. A chauffeur employed by the Health Ministry was shot dead by unknown gunmen in east Baghdad. Meanwhile, three Iraqis, including a woman and a Shi'ite dignitary were killed and a fourth person wounded in an attack in the south of the capital.

Baghdad. Three Iraqi soldiers and one Turkish truck driver were killed in separate attacks across Iraq.

23:20 Washington. The United States expressed its disappointment following a decision by Kofi Annan to delay the publication of a report on Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon by one week. State Dept. Spokesman Adam Ereli said that Condoleezza Rice had phoned the Secretary General saying immediate publication was "desireable and important".

22:33 Baghdad. Failed assassination attempt targets Allawi. Outgoing Premier Iyad Allawi narrowly escaped assassination when a suicide bomber driving a truck bomb attempted to ram his convoy as he returned home, says government spokesman Thaër al-Naqib. Allawi's residence is near his party headquarters. He had just attended a meeting concerning the alleged hostage execution in Al Madā’’in. Only President Talibani has linked the corpses found floating today in the Tigris River to events in Al Madā’’in.

22:18 Baghdad. Two police killed in truck bombing targeting Allawi. A suicide bomber rammed a truck into a checkpoint outside the headquarters of Iyad Allawi.

21:31 Baghdad. Truck bomb targets Allawi party headquarters. A suicide truck bomb exploded outside the offices of Premier Iyad Allawi's political party. The bomb struck a checkpoint protecting the entrance to party headquarters which is located a previously bombed building.

20:30 Tallinn. The Estonian parliament has decided to extend the stay of its 32-man peacekeeping contingent in Iraq until the end of 2005 with an option for renewal through 2006.

19:56 New York. An advisor on North Korean Affairs to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Canadian Maurice Strong, has been named in the Oil for Food scandal. Strong is connected to Tongsun Park, also named in the scandal for his connection to BayOil USA. Mr. Strong has stepped aside pending investigation by NY Prosecutor David Kelly.

16:41 Ar Ramādi. Two carbombs detonate in front of National Guard barracks. Gunfire was heard following the blasts.

15:33 Baghdad. Talabani, "Bodies of 50 hostages found". Al Iraqia TV reports that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani told Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim Jaafari in a private meeting that 57 lifeless corpses of men, women and children were pulled out of the Tigris River near As Suwayra, 50 km south of Baghdad and 30 km downstream from Al Madā’’in. The statement of the president reopened the polemic concerning Al Madā’’in. Outgoing Interior Minister Falah Nakib had denied that Sunni insurgents took 80 residents hostage over the weekend. Meanwhile, Mr. Talabani says that It's not true that there were not any hostages. There were indeed hostages and they were executed and thrown into the Tigris River and the bodies of more than fifty have been recovered. [Something is very odd about this story, which has not been confirmed.--Nur].

15:18 Baghdad. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Wednesday that there was a good chance a new government would be in place by tomorrow, Thursday, after a meeting with PM-designate Ibrahim Djaafari, outgoing Premier Iyad Allawi and other officials.

15:14 Hadīthah. Insurgents shot dead 19 Iraqi National Guards whom they had kidnapped and conducted to a soccer stadium in Hadīthah 200 km northwest of Baghdad. The 19 guards had just participated in anti-insurgent action alongside US troops and were returning to their base by bus, which was hijacked. [What military manual is this pulled from? Bus-in/bus-out needed brigades without escort in hostile territory? WTF? --Nur]

15:14 Ankara. Military chief of staff lashes out at the United States. General Hilmi Ozkok lashed out at the United States for its ineffectualness in controlling Kurdish separatists in Turkey. Ozkok complained of the growing influence of the PKK (Kurdish Workers' Party) in Turkey and in Northern Iraq. Ozkok claims the PKK is encouraged by US inaction and has intensified its actions in Turkey from the safety of sanctuaries within Iraq. According to Ankara, the PKK is on the list of terrorist organizations maintained by the United States.

15:11 Al Başrah A tribal chieftain known for his links to the ancien régime of Saddam Hussein but allied to the British following their entry into southern Iraq was assasinated on his farm in southern Iraq. Unknown gunmen dressed as Iraqi security forces entered the farmhouse of Sheikh Abdel Al al-Batat in Az Zubayr, 20 km south of Al Başrah and machine gunned him, killing him outright, says Police Lt. Col. Haidar Abdel Mehdi. This chieftain had escaped an assassination attempt not long ago. After having business connections to a general in Saddam Hussein's intelligence services, the sheik did not hesitate to ally himself with the British when their forces entered southern Iraq. He became a member of the Regional Executive Council established by the British but was subsequently arrested by them for links to Saddam Hussein. He was freed after a few months in detention.

14:41 Baghdad. The Islamic Army of Iraq claimed credit for today's car bombing on the airport highway which killed two American soldiers. An Islamic Army squad attacked two civilian vehicles (..) carrying American VIP's in the Amiriyah district on the highway leading to Baghdad Airport, killing all the occupants. According to a source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, the bombing occurred at 6:00 am and killed two Iraqi civilians and wounded five others.

11:11 Baghdad. Fourth car bombing. A fourth car bombing takes place in south Baghdad, wounding three civilians. The bomb targeted an Iraqi police convoy in the Dura district of the capital.

10:36 Baghdad. Third Car bomb kills two civilians. A child and one adult were killed by a roadside bomb which targeted a US military convoy. The bombing follows yesterday's bombing of a recruiting station which killed six and wounded 44.

10:02 Baghdad. Second carbombing strikes the Dura district of Baghdad, wounding eight civilians.

09:08 Dubai. A group calling itself The Abu Bakr al Seddiq al Salafiya Brigades claims credit for the assassination of General Adnan Midhish Kharagoli,

08:51 Baghdad. Bomb kills two US soldiers. Two US soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb targeting their convoy detonated in west Baghdad. The incident took place on the airport highway. US KIA total reaches 1,182. Update: The bomb also killed a Candian, an American and an Australian working for foreign security firms.


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