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Saturday, April 23, 2005

23 April Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Nine members of the National Guards were killed and 20 others wounded by a suicide car bomb in the west of the capital near Abu Ghraib Prison.

Baghdad. Suicide carbomb targets US convoy. The explosion killed one US soldier and wounded 10, including three US troops. The blast demolished one US military vehicle and two civilian Iraqi cars. Responsibility was claimed by al-Zarqawi. Today, Saturday, a lion of the martyrs brigade carried out an heroic attack on a convoy of Jews and crusaders on the airport highway. He blew himself up and will merit Paradise.

Basrah. Two persons were killed when the car they were travelling in exploded. Two children playing nearby were killed by the blast in a village close to the southern city.

Baquba. A 10 year-old girl and a teacher were killed and four others wounded by bombs. A 10 year-old girl was killed by a bomb planted near the residence of the ex-Chairman of the city council who was assassinated at the end of January along with his brother. A second bomb detonated 100 yards away and killed a university sports coach.

Mouradia. Three soldiers and an assailant were wounded in an attack on an army checkpoint.

Dhoulouiyah. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and four wounded when mortar fire was directed at their positions.

Samara. An Iraqi civilian killed by a roadside bome

Mosul. Three US troops were wounded by a a roadside bomb.

Baghdad. US troops arrest six persons suspected of downing a Bulgarian helicopter north of the city.

22:37 Mosul. A cameraman for the Associated Press, Saleh Ibrahim, was shot to death while covering combat in Mosul between US troops and insurgents.

21:22 Beirut. Saadeddin Hariri, son of assassinated ex-Premier Rafik Hariri, will run as a candidate for parliament in the legislative elections at the end of May.

19:40 Haswa. A US soldier is killed by a roadside bomb.

17:07 Bucharest. FIfty Romanian journalists rally to demand release of three colleagues held hostage in Iraq.

16:54 Najaf. The governor of the city of Najaf and a member of SCIRI, Assad Abu Qalal, warned that Shi'ite community might retaliate for Sunni-led attacks.

16:15 Beirut. Incoming Internior Minister Hassan Sabeh delivered a reprimand to General Jamil Sayyed, a powerful figure in charge of intelligence.

16:06 George W. Bush praises progress in building Iraq's security forces.

15:59 Baghdad. One woman was killed and seven Iraqi men wounded by an blast of unknown origin under a bridge in the Shoula district in west Baghdad. The wounded included two women and five men.


Anonymous Mark from Ireland said...

Hi Nur,

Few articles for you:

Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity, while the dead go uncounted
By Patrick Cockburn
24 April 2005


World Terror Risk on Rise

2 articles by Robert Fisk both on:

1) I may not be sure about God or the Devil, but I still believe in the United Nations

2)How Arabic text of WMD dossier was massaged by Downing St
How Arabic text of WMD dossier was massaged by Downing St

PS: A personal note "When the Irish first deployed to Lebanon in 1978, Ireland was still a comparatively poor nation, and its soldiers instantly formed great affection for the Shia Muslim farmers and their families who lived off their smallholdings in the stony hills and valleys. " - Very true.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Mark from Ireland said...

From the Guardian on shooting of Itialian Agent:,1280,-4962480,00.html

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