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Sunday, April 24, 2005

24 April Events in Iraq

Prime Minister Designate Ibrahim Jaafari is expected to present his list of ministers to Parliament tomorrow. The list will not include any member of Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's political party after the Shi'a-dominiate UIA rejected Alawi's demands. Hussain al-Shahristani, a high-ranking UIA official, says that 75% of the ministry posts will go to Shi'ites. The nominations may be approved by a simple majority. Meanwhile, a group linked to al-Zarqawi has threatened death to anyone participating in the new government.

Baghdad. A US solider was killed by a roadside bomb which struck its convoy in the east of the capital. A second soldier was killed yesterday in west Baghdad.

Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed in a carbombing 20 km south of the capital which targeted a US miiltary convoy.

Baghdad. Sunni MP Mishaan Juburi escaped assassination in a suicide bombing of his convoy in north Baghdad which wounded eight persons.

Washington. The US Army has cleared Gen. Ricardo Sanchez of any responsibility in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal after an investigation by a commission of 10 military officers. Three other high-ranking offers were cleared of dereliction of duty. However, Gen. Janis Karpinski, commander of the 800th MP Brigade, has received a letter of reprimand and relieved of duty.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has requested the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the role of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, ex-CIA director George Tenet, Gen. Riccardo Sanchez and Gen. Geoffrey Miller in war crimes and the torture of detainees.

Mosul. An Associated Press, Saleh Ibrahim, was killed during clashes in Mosul. Meanwhile, a Reuters cameraman, Nabil Hussein, and his father were arrested by Iraqi police. Twenty police [probably Kurds--Nur] searched Hussein's home on Saturay morning, battering the cameraman's chauffeur and a fellow journalist. Police have denied the report as well as the arrest.

London. Tony Blair under attack. Conservative Michael Howard accused Blair of lying. Meanwhile The Mail on Sunday printed portions of report saying Blair was informed by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith that the war was illegal and that a second UN resolution was required. Liberal Democrat party leader Charles Kennedy has demanded the publication of the entire text.

Damascus. Syria dispatches humanitarian assisstance convoy to Iraq. Syria has sent 80 tons of food to Iraq toward the crossing at al-Tanaf for distribution in Iraq.

Lakeport. Funeral in California for slain NGO worker Marla Ruzicka, 28, director of Campaign for the Victims of Combat (CIVIC). Actor Sean Penn and Senator Barbara Boxer were among the mourners. Ruzicka sought to collect $10 million in damages from the US government for victims of the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bucharest. Demonstrations of solidarity and prayers for the Romanian hostages. Orthodox Patriarch Teoctist lead prayers for Marie-Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Edward during Eastern Right Palm Sunday services. Other groups met at Bucharest University to show their solidarity.

Zafaranya. Roadside bomb strikes US military convoy west of Baghdad, wounding three Iraqis.

Baghdad. A bomb detonated in the Sunni Adhamiyah district in north Baghdad. No casualties.

Baghdad. An Iraqi was shot dead by unknown gunmen in the Doura district of the capital.

Baïji. Two Iraqi entrepreneurs working for the US Army were slain.

Chorgat. An Iraqi truckdriver and his rig were ambushed. The driver was killed in the attack.

23:21 Ramallah. Israel extends lockdown the entirety of the West Bank for six days surrounding the celebration of Passover.

22:13 Karachi. Pakistani Embassy employee released by his captors after being held hostage in Iraq for two weeks.

22:00 Baghdad. Sixteen people were killed and 57 wounded, including 8 police, in two explosions which rocked the Shoola sector of north Baghdad in the second attack on the Shi'ite community within three days. A bomb exploded in a b busy stret near the Husseiniya al-Albeit mosque; a second blast occurred as onlookers gathered to the scene. Two police cars and several other vehicles were demolished as well as storefrontsin this busy commercial and residential area. Residents report a dual blast went off near an ice cream stand at around 8:00 pm. Meanwhile, Sunnis claim that they are being driven out of the quarter. A funeral for Sheik Saddam al-Oukaïli, a muezzin shot dead by unknown gunmen, was held nearby. There are approximately 50,000 residents in the Shoola quarter, adjacent to Sadr City.

21:54 Dallas. Vice President Cheney meets Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. The prince is enroute for the Presidential Ranch in Crawford.

20:26 Bucharest. Romanian Senator Dan Voiculescu of the Secular Humanism Party, included in the governing coalition, offered himself as hostage in exchange for the kidnapped Romanian reporters.

18:18 Algiers. Five killed in two attacks by radical Islamists in Algeria near Ain Defla (170 km west of Algiers) and Tebessa (at the frontier with Tunisia).

16:38 Teheran. Iranian Foreign Minister Hamid Reza Asefi has said his country will restart uranium enrichment for non-military purposes.

13:35 Kuwait City. Embassy of Bangladesh looted by Bangladeshi workers in Kuwaiti capital.

12:26 Fallujah. US sailor killed. A US sailor was killed as the convoy he was travelling with was struck by a roadside bomb.

12:08 Amarah. Roadside bomb strikes British military convoy. The driver of another car was wounded together with a woman and a child.

11:48 Dubai. Al Arabiya broadcasts plea for release of a dual US-Iraqi national by family members. The man was kidnapped together with three Romanian hostages.

08:01 Hillah. Four rebels were killed and a fifth wounded as they were placing charges along a highway.

07:51 Tikrit. Dual blasts kill 7 and wound 37. Two blasts were heard near a police academy. The second detonation was said to have occurred as rescuers were rushing to the scene. The attacks were launched 20 minutes apart and targeted a group of police departing for training in Jordan. At least a ton of explosive was used in both vehicles. The front of the academy and a liaison office were damaged.

07:09 Kabul. Afghan woman stoned to death for adultery. The stoning occurred in the northeast province of Badakhshan.

06:28 Bucharest. Romanian Presidential Advisor Saftoiu says contact has been made with the kidnappers of three Romanian journalists.

01:06 Beirut. Syria to complete its withdrawal from Lebanon by the end of the day.


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