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Monday, April 04, 2005

4 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Camp Bucca. The Red Cross reports a prison riot last Friday at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq in which several persons were injured. The US military denies the incident.

Tel Afar: One US soldier killed and another wounded by insurgents. Meanwhile, a mortar round fell on a café and wounded 13 civilians.

Baghdad. An Iraqi civilian was seriously wounded by foreign security guards as he went to pass the car they were riding in. Meanwhile, the Communist Party offices in Sadr City were ransacked and set afire.

Baghdad. The Iraqi Justice Ministry demanded a sentence of two years to life for two Syrians, a Libyan and Saudi who entered Iraq to join the guerrilla.

Baghdad. A Sunni Waqf official demands the release of over 80 imams held in US prisons in Iraq.

Baghdad. The Defense Ministry announed the creation of an armored division which is not deployed because of a lack of confidence in the division's commanding officers, says outgoing Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan.

23:06 Baghdad. Sunnis continue debate on choosing their candidate for Vice President. Adnan Pachachi has criticized the Shi'a and Kurds for their interference in the selection of the Sunni candidate.

21:11 Abu Ghraib. Five persons including three police were killed by a booby-trapped tractor near Abu Ghraib Prison.

20:58 Stockholm. Two Iraqis, 25 and 29, were charged with preparing a terrorist attack in Iraq. The pair is accused of collecting money in Sweden on behalf of Ansar al-Islam and Ansar al-Sunna. The collected $148,000 financed an April 2004 rebel raid in the Kurdish capital of Erbil.


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