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Thursday, March 24, 2005

March 24 Events in Iraq

Beirut. Hariri assassination report. Peter Fitzgerald's 3-man investigating team issued its report on the assassination of Rafik Hariri at the heavily fortified offices of the UN in Beirut. The report blamed both Lebanese and Syrian intelligence for serious shortcomings and cited Syria for creating a climate of tension. The team said a transparent, thorough investigation could not be made without a hierarchical shakeup of the Lebanese intelligence service and observed that ethnic and sectarian loyalties interfered with making headway. Meanwhile, the judge charged with following the investigation, Michel Abu Arrage, resigned.

Baghdad. Mrs. Maryam al-Rayes of the UIA says Iraqi Parliament may sit on Monday to confirm the cabinet if an agreement can be reached with the Kurds. Meanwhile Haydar al-Mussawi of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress says negotiations are likely to go on another week.

Baghdad. The 146 members of Parliament of the UIA will meet tomorrow to chose their candidates for the vice presidency. They will also make their selection for Speaker of the House.

Baghdad. Al Iraqiya TV continues its broadcasts of confessions. A man claiming to be a Syrian intelligence officer, Mohammed Abdel Rahman, aka Abou Abdo, says he is a colonel in the Syrian intelligence services. Rahman confessed that he was sent to Iraq as a leather merchant to supply money and guidance to the insurgency in Mossul. He also claims he commanded 20 insurgents. Rahman further related that he recruited insurgents to be sent to Latakia in Syria for training and that Syria collaborated with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Syrian General Ali al-Mohammed supposedly issued orders to him to "terrorize the Americans" and ensure continuing chaos in Iraq so that they would not consider invading Syrian. [Laughable]

London. BBC reports that Lord Goldsmith changed his mind several times in issuing an opinion on the legality of the war on Iraq.

New York. UN accepts accusations against Benon Sevan in Oil for Food scandal.

Baiji. Three Iraqi soldiers were kidnapped as they were riding in a taxi.

Sofia. US Ambassador James Pardew asks the Bulgarian parliament to reverse their decision to pull out their troops.

Beirut. Hundreds of pro-Syrian protesters gathered outside the fortified U.S. embassy in Beirut yesterday.

21:01 Baghdad. Explosion reported in US-Iraqi military base 40 km north of Baghdad.

20:41 Rome. Public Prosecutors Office has ordered the judicial seizure of the car in which Nicola Calipari was travelling. The car is in a military base in Iraq.

18:06 Rome. Giuliana Sgrena goes home from hospital, with her partner, Pier Scolari.

17:08 Damascus. Syria arrests 40 Kurds. A Syrian human rights lawyer, Anwar Bunni, reports that more than 40 Kurds, including women, were arrested in Aleppo after Nowruz (New Year) celebration.

16:09 Mossul. Five killed in friendly fire incident. Soldiers and police exchange fire.

10:16 Baghdad. Mortar round hits police staiton; US soldier killed. A US soldier on guard duty on the rooftop of a police station in the Doura quarter of south Baghdad was killed.

08:28 Doha. Group claims credit in kidnapping of German civilian. The "Protectors of Islam Brigades" kidnap German national and demand the release of all Muslim prisoners incarcerated in Germany.

00:49 London: British mission in Iraq to last into 2006. House of Commons Defence Commission confirms continuing deployment.


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