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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

30-Year Chronology of Bombings and Assassinations in Lebanon

Sometimes you need a little historical perspective...

08 July 1972: Ghassan Kanafani of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is killed in an Israeli-planted car bomb in Beirut
10 May 1976: US Ambassador Francis Malloy is assassinated by Maronite agents.
03 Jan 1977: Carbomb kills 50 in Christian East Beirut
16 Mar 1977: Kamal Jumblatt assassinated by Syrian agents
04 Sep 1981: French Ambassador assassinated
01 Oct 1981: PLO headquarters in Beirut carbombed, killing 250.
15 Dec 1981: Iraqi Embassy carbombed, 27 dead.
14 Sep 1982: President Bashir al-Gemayel assassinated by bomb at Phalange party headquarters
11 Nov 1982: Israeli military headquarters in Tyre destroyed by bomb, killing 75 Israelis and 16 of their prisoners.
18 Apr 1983: US Embassy blown up by Fatah suicide truck bombing, killing 63, including Middle East chiefs of the CIA.
23 Oct 1983: Hezbollah suicide truck-bomb of US Marine barracks kills 241.
23 Oct 1983 Hezbollah suicide bombing of French military HQ kills 58.
04 Nov 1983. Hezbollah suicide bombing of Israeli Military HQ in Tyre kills 60.
04 Mar 1985: 12 Hezbollah leaders are killed when an Israeli bomb explodes at their office in Maarakeh, near Tyre.
08 Mar 1985: Car bomb targets Hizbullah leader Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah, who is uninjured, but more than 80 are killed and 200 wounded. The operation was conducted by CIA-trained units, authorized by President Reagan and funded by the Saudis.
22 Nov 1989: President-elect Rene Mu’awwad (Maronite supported by Syria) is assassinated.
22 Oct 1990: Christian ex-militia leader Dany Shamoun assassinated.
20 Mar 1991: Lebanese Defense Minister and 8 others killed in carbomb.
30 Dec 1991: Carbomb kills 20 in Muslim quarter of Basta.
16 Feb 1992: Hezbollah leader Abbas Mussawi assassinated in Dibchitt, south Lebanon.
20 Dec 1993: Truck bomb destroys Kataëb Party (Christian) HQ, killing 3 and wounding 100.
29 Jan 1994: Naëb Maaitah, First Secretary of the Jordanian Embassy, assassinated.
07 Feb 1994: 4 Israeli soldiers in south Lebanon assassinated by Hezbollah.
27 Feb 1994: 11 Christians killed and 54 wounded in bomb attack on Beirut's Zuq Mikael church.
31 Apr 1995: Sunni radical Sheikh Nizar Halabi assassinated.
09 Apr 1996: Lebanese boy killed by bomb in Bradchitt, Southern Lebanon. Israel suspected.
03 Jan 2000: Rocket attack on Russian Embassy kills 2, wounds 7.
24 Jan 2002: Christian ex-militia leader Elie Hobeika assassinated. (Suspect in 1982 Sabra and Chatilla camp massacres)
10 May 2002: Mohammad Djihad Ahmed Djibril, son of PFLP leader Ahmed Djibril, killed by carbomb.
19 Jul 2004 Hezbollah leader Ghaleb Awali assassinated by carbomb.
01 Oct 2004 Druze MP Marwan Hamadi is wounded and chauffeur killed by carbomb.
14 Feb 2005 Ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri assassinated by carbomb.


Blogger Traveller said...

I've been calling the poor guy "Hariri" -- where did I get that?

Someone convincing was on NPR the other day indicating that US involvement is not ruled out but will be very hard to prove.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Nur-al-Cubicle said...

you are right...typo!

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to say an important thing to you , before you write a thing make sure that it is true . an Information about a bomb in Maarakeh in 04.03.1985 . the people that were killed , were in Amal movement not in Hezbollah . so correct your information !
thank you .

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want more information just send me an e-mail :

thank you

2:26 PM  

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