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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March 22 Events in Iraq

Washington. King Abdallah II lashed out at Syria and Iran. Abdallah was in Washington to attend a meeting with leaders of the US Jewish community where he blamed Syria, Hezbollah and Iran for regional instability. The King also met with Condoleezza Rice for an hour and a half.

San Diego. Navy SEALs sue AP. Five Navy SEALs are suing Associated Press and one of its reporters for publishing 15 photos in which the SEALs are seen mistrating prisoners. The group argues that their lives were put in danger by the disclosure of their identity in the images.

Baghdad. An 11-year old Iraqi child was killed by a mortar round which fell on her school. In the Shi'ite Kazimiyah district, rebels were unable to detonate a carbomb near a marketplace. Also, a policeman was killed an another wounded as they attempted to defuse a bomb in east Baghdad.

Dhoulouiyah. Two Iraqi soliders were executed. Meanwhile, a truck was ambushed and its driver killed.

Erbil. Massoud Barzani forbids the flying of the Iraqi flag in Kurdistan, saying it recalls the crimes and collective punishment Kurds faced for decades. Barzani demands a new national flag.

21:48 Samarra. Reporters visit rebel camp. A group of journalists visited an insurgent camp which US and Iraqi forces claim to have cleaned out. Conversations with the militants holding the camp reveal that the rebels were able to repell the attack.

18:26 Sofia. The Bulgarian Defense Minister has fixed 31 December 2005 as the pullout date for the Bulgarian contingent from Iraq, says spokeman Dimitar Tsonev.

18:03 Algiers. Leaders at the Arab League Summit reacted tepidly to Iraq's call to solidarity. However, the leaders reaffirmed respect for the unity and the sovereignty of the country, as well as its independence and gave a commitment to abstain from meddling in its internal affairs. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zébari accused Iraqis neighbors of "lax control" of their borders which threatens Iraq's security.

18:02 Tikrit. US and Iraqi forces announce they have killed 85 insurgents in raids on their camp north of Baghdad. 240 commando troop in 18 vehicles took part in the raid. The joint command claims they faced mortar, machine gun, RPG and light arms fire. Routed insurgents escaped in 30 speedboats across lake Tharthar. Some of the dead insurgents are said to be Saudi, Algerian and Syrian.

17:56 Mossul. Two US soldiers and two Iraqis were wounded in a suicide carbombing in Mossul. The target was a US convoy One Iraqi and One US soldier returned to duty.

17:55 Baghdad. UIA hopes to call a session of Parliament on Saturday to approve the new government.

16:02 Baghdad. Saddam's stepbrother admits guilt in murders. Sabawi Ibrahim Al Hassan, stepbrother of Saddam Husseins and head of the intelligence services, admitted to involvement in the assassination of four Iraqi ex-ministers in the 1970s. Al Hassan is also thought to be responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Kuwaitis during the 1990 Iraqi invasion. In addition, he is charged with transferring money out of the country under an alias to various Arab financial institutions.

07:30 Moussaïeb. Gunmen fired on a group of students and teachers at an Sunni Islamic school. One teacher was killed and.the school's director and two students were wounded.


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