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Sunday, April 03, 2005

3 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Mosul. Simultaneous car bombs directed at US forces killed one person and wounded five. Meanwhile, two police and a civilians were killed in a rebel raid and the body of a senior-ranking Kurdish officer in the Iraq Army has been found.

Baladrouz. One policeman was wounded and 8 members of al Qaeda [yeah, right--Nur] were wounded and later arrested in a Saturday night raid.

Baghdad. One civilian was killed and another wounded when a bomb detonated inside a school courtyard in the al-Ilam quarter of the capital.

Haditha. US marine killed in an explosion on Saturday.

Samarra. Government agrees to repair the 1,100 year-old spiral minaret damaged by insurgents [after the US had placed snipers in it, of course--Nur].

22:34 Abu Ghraib. A group linked to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi took credit for a raid on Abu Ghraib prison in which 44 US soldiers and 12 prisoners were wounded. The group said it destroyed 15 vehicles, killed dozens of US troops and shot down an Apache helicopter. 57 rebel combattants attacked the prison's watchtowers and knocked them out as seven cars crammed with explosives were rammed into the prison's entrances. Three martyrs were killed while infiltrating the Infidel's fortifications and 7 other candidates for martyrdom went to heaven after having bombed the enemy.

21:33 Baiji. US soldier killed in bombing.

20:49 Mosul. A Kurdish member of the PUK militia was killed.

11:53 Baghdad. Outgoing Industry minister Hajem al-Hassani has been elected Speaker of the Iraqi National Assembly. Al-Hassani is from Kirkuk, is a US university graduate and owns an investment firm in Los Angeles. [And likely a dual USA-Iraq national--Nur]. He serves as spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic Party, closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The two Deputy Speakers will be Hussein Sharistani, a Shi'a, and Aref Tayfour of the PDK. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Jaafari is expected to win the post of Prime Minister and Jalal Talabani that of President. The Shi'ite Vice President is expected to be Adel Abdel Mehdi, outgoing Finance Minister. The Sunni Vice President still must be selected among candidates Ghazi al-Yawar, Adnane Pachachi and a royalist, Sherif Ali.


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