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Sunday, May 15, 2005

15 May 2005 Events in Iraq

Moscow. Former Russian official named in Oil for Food scandal by US Senate. Alexandre Voloshin, who resigned from the government in October 2003, was accused by US senators of receiving coupons for 5 million barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein. His advisor, Sergeï Issakov, is said to have received coupons for 80 million barrels while the Russian Executive Council received coupons for 5 million barrels. Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Jirinovski is accused of receiving coupons for 75.8 million barrels beginning in 1997. It is believed the oil was subsequently delivered to the United States.

Baghdad. The Mufti of Australia announces that the ultimatum on the fate of Douglas Wood is indefinitely postponed by the kidnappers.

Baghdad. AFP photographer Farès Nawf al-Issaoui was freed after 14 days in the custody of the US Army. Meanwhile, his colleague Ammar Daham Naef Khalaf, arrested 11 April is still in Abu Ghraib prison.

Riyahd. Saudi reformers Ali al-Demaini, Abdullah al-Hamed and Matruk al-Faleh were sentenced to between 6 and 9 years in prison for "sedition and disobeying the ruler". [So much for the "march of freedom"--Nur]

Chorgat. Civilian killed when a convoy of supply trucks was ambushed.

Dhoulouiyah. Iraqi soldier killed by mortar round which struck an Iraqi army encampment.

23:09 Condoleezza Rice pleaded for an alternative to violence and the inclusion of the Sunnis in the political process in talks with Iraqi leaders today.

22:14 Baghdad. Twenty-five corpses found in Baghdad: 8 in the Shaab district in north Baghdad, 4 in Sadr City, and 14 in a garbage dump in the eastern suburbs.

22:48 Washington. Newsweek claims Guantanamo Koran desecration story may be false. The story has caused outrage in Arab capitals. Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi of Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo condemns "tremendous crime".

22:18 Mahmudiyah. Two reporters for the Kuwaiti television network al-Rai were ambushed and murdered along with their driver as they were driving to Karbala.

21:28 Loud explosion was heard in central Baghdad late Sunday.

18:04 Jerusalem. Knesset committee extends law forbidding marriage beteen Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. The 2003 law was renewed by a vote of 16 to 2.

16:06 Teheran. Iranian Foreign Minister Hamid Reza Assefi says the US interrogators in Guantanamo who are alleged to have thrown sheets of the Koran down the toilet should be punished.

15:53 Tikrit. Iraqi security forces say suicide bomber killed. A convoy challenged an Iraqi driver, who sped away. His car then detonated.

13:43 Al Qaim. Kidnapped al-Anbar Provincial Governor Raja Nawaf Farhan al-Mahalawi has been freed and is in Obaidi, say family members.

13:11 Baghdad. Four Palestinians and one Iraqi confess to 12 May market bombing. Palestinian brothers Amer, Adnan, and Faraj Abdallah, Massud Nureddin Mohammed and Iraqi Ibrahim Idi confess to bombing on Iraqi TV. However, there are doubts about the legitimacy of their capture and their guilt. The Committee of Iraqi Ulema has delivered a note of protest saying the Palestinians were merely refugees and were coerced into a false confession.

12:03 Iskandariyah. Eleven bodies found near a farm. They had been shot to death and were wearing police uniforms.

11:37 Erbil. Rice confirms the US will attend an international conference on the reconstruction of Iraq proposed by the European Union.

10:45 Ramadi. The bodies of 10 executed Iraqi solders were recovered in Ramadi. Their death is estimated as having occurred 48-hours ago.

10:01 Erbil: Rice praises progress of government.

09:34 Baghdad. Al-Sistani representative assassinated. Sheik Kassem al-Gharawi and his nephew, Hazim Rubai, were assassinated in the capital by unknown gunmen.

08:39 Erbil. Condoleezza Rice makes surprise visit to Kurdistan.

07:47 Baghdad. Industry Ministry official and his driver are assassinated. Colonel Jassam Mohammed Jomaa, Number 2 for oilfield security, and his driver were shot dead by armed gunmen.

07:31 Baquba. 4 dead and 17 wounded in bombing. Two suicide bombers wearing explosive vests detonated their charges nearly simultaneously 500 meters apart. The first bomb detonated amidst the crowd near the city courthouse killing four and wounding at least fifteen. The second blast targeted Diyala Governor Raed Rashid Hamid al-Mullah Jawad, wounding two bodyguards.

07:23 Baquba. Bomb targets convoy of Diyala Provincial Governor. Raed Rashid Hamid al-Mullah Jawad escaped injury. Five minutes prior, a bomb exploded infront of a courthouse and tax collection office.


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