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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Calipari/Sgrena Report: The Digital Trap

If you go downthread, you will see a .pdf file of the US version of the investigation into the shooting of Major-General Nicola Calipari. There's something about a pdf file, which the Pentagon has learned to its surprise. If you use black background to obscure or censor text, it's undo-able.

Here's the cast of characters:
  • Mario Lozano of the New York Army National Guard assigned to the blocking vehicle opened fire on Major-General Calipari's car.
  • The Carabinieri Major on loan to SISMI at the wheel of the Toyota Corolla was Andrea Carpani.
  • Captain Michael Drew, New York Army National Guard (and police sergeant, NYPD). Commanding officer, Company A, in charge of managing all patrols and checkpoints along Route Irish.
  • Lt. Robert Daniels, New York Army National Guard, officer in charge, Company A.
  • Backup was Lt. Nicolas Acosta, Louisiana National Guard, platoon leader at blocking checkpoing 541.
  • Sgt. Sean O’Hara, Louisiana National Guard, was in charge of the overlook vehicle.
  • Sgt. Luis Domangue, Louisiana National Guard, inside overlook vehicle.
  • Specialist Kenneth Mejia, Louisiana National Guard, driver of overlook vehicle and medic.
  • Sgt. Michael Brown, New York Army National Guard and member NYPD, in charge of the blocking vehicle.
  • Specialist Brian Peck, New York Army National Guard, driver of blocking vehicle.
  • Sgt. 1st Class Edwin Feliciano, New York Army National Guard, inside the vehicle with Capt. Drew.
You can download the uncensored document at the Meanwhile blog here.

Repeat after me: The most incompetent administristration ever.


Blogger idyllopus said...

What was available was in Word so I converted to PDF and also did a converstion of the PDF to HTML which I have online here.

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