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Friday, April 29, 2005

29 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Baquba. Suicide carbomb kills one policeman and wounds eleven others, including four civilians

Baghdad. Seven soldiers, two police and four civilians were killed and 35 civlians, 13 soldiers and 2 police were wounded in separate bombings in the Adhamia and Saligh districts in the capital. In the Adhamia district at least once suicide bombing shattered windows and destroyed several cars.

Baghdad. Two booby-trapped cars exploded in succession. The first detonated targeting an Iraqi army convoy and the second went off when police rushed to the scene. The two bombings resulted in one killed and eight wounded, including two police.

Madaïen. Three carbombings. At least one carbomb targeted a police patrol, killing nine persons including one police and two Interior Ministry commandos. Thirty-five were wounded.

Baghdad. A carbomb detonated in the suburbs of the capital during prayers at a Shi'ite mosque, wounding one.

Erbil. Two people were killed, a bomb defuser and a civilian, in a bomb blast.

Basrah. A border guard was killed and two others wounded when a bomb targeted their patrol.

Baquba. An Imam committed suicide by falling on a grenade when US and Iraqi troops surrounded his mosque.

Baghdad. US troops arrested seven suspected rebels.

Baghdad. Mouaffak al-Roubaïe, an Iraqi security advisor, sees another attempt to set off sectarian war.

Baghdad. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed the credit for most of today's carbombings in Baghdad and Madaïen.

Brussels. Belgian physicians send medical bill to Washington. Belgian doctors saved the leg of Hiba Kassim, a 15 year-old Iraqi girl whose leg was injured by a US bomb. The doctors sent a 52,570 euro medical bill to the US Embassy in Brussels. We haven't received an acknowledgement, says Dr. Bert de Belder, coordinator for the NGO Medical Aid. International law requires occupying forces to look after the well-being of the population.

Istanbul. The foreign ministers of Iraq's neighbors prepare to meet to urge the new Iraqi government to include the country's Sunnis. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, as well as Egypt and Bahrain, worked behind closed doors.

Kirkuk. A founder of the dissident Islamist group Ansar al-Islam was cheered by thousands of people in a town north of Kirkuk after he was freed by the US military because of insufficient evidence. Ali Babir addressed the crowd in the town of Bab Al-Maqam after two years in detention. I am free today and I am going to work to bring Islam to triumph and to unite all Muslims and Iraqis. Ali Babir says he was mistreated during his emprisonment by US prison guards. Sources say Iraqi President Jalal Talabani arranged the release. Ali Babir founded Ansar al-Islam in 2001 together with Mullah Krekar.

Washington. US Department of State says Calipari investigation closed.

Cairo. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit welcomes new Iraqi government.

Tamiyah. Two army recruits and an interpreter were killed and seven other recruits wounded when a mortar was fired at a military camp.

Doujail. A soldier was killed and three others wounded by a roadside bomb which targeted their convoy. Meanwhile two civilians were killed in a separate bombing and soldier was killed and another kidnapped in a rebel ambush.

Chorgat. One soldier and one rebel was killed while a truck driver was slain.

20:36 Baghdad. Three US troops were killed and two wounded by two booby-trapped cars, one in western Iraq and the other north of Baghdad.

18:20 Rome. Italian intelligence community insists Calipari's car was was travelling between 25 and 30 MPH when it was fired upon by US troops.

13:00 Baghdad. Mass grave uncovered. A mass grave was discovered in Kurdistan containing the remains of women and children.

12:42 Ramallah. Putin cheered by Palestinian crowds before placing flowers on Yassir Arafat's tomb.

11:27 Dubai. Al Zarqawi promises no let-up to the Bush administration during an internet chat session.

10:30 Baghdad. Nine carbombs detonate in the capital.

09:06 Erbil. Two civilians killed by bomb.

08:31 Seven carbombs detonate in capital and in Madaïen, 30 km to the south. 18 are dead and 64 are wounded.

07:44 Baghdad. Carbombing kill 10 and wound 30.

07:15 Baghdad. Four carbombings claim 10 lives. Ten police and national guard are dead.

05:45 Ft. Bragg. Sgt. Hasan Akbar received the death penalty in a court-martial for having tossed grenades into three tents in Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. Akbar is the first US soldier to get the death penalty since Viet-Nam. Two were killed and 14 wounded by the grenades.

02:03 Hawija. One US soldier is dead and four wounded in when their vehicle was struck by a bomb.


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