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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

26 April 2005 Events in Iraq.

Baghdad. Formation of a new government is near after three months of haggling among ethnic groups under US pressure. Prime Minister designate handed his list of ministers to President Jalal Talabani, reports Iraqia TV. However there is no indication that the list has been approved and appointments for the Oil and Interior ministries remain to be decided. The network also reports that Rouj Shaouiss, a Kurd, Ahmed Chalabi, a Shi'a and Saad al-Luhaïbi, a Sunni, will be Deputy Prime Ministers.

Baghdad. Three members of parliament defect from the Shia-dominated UIA, reducing its total to 143 out of 275 seats in the national assembly.

Baghdad. One Iraqi policeman was shot dead as four others are wounded by a roadside bomb.

New York. Paul Volcker, chairman of the independent committee investigating the Oil for Food scandal, says Kofi Annan has not been exonerated of wrongdoing.

Berlin. Richard Jones, the US State Department Coordinator for Iraq Policy, says the German Constitution would be a good model for Iraq. [Yeah, and they can download the pret-a-porter Swiss Constitution, in Arabic, available online now, too--Nur]

Dujail. Seven members of the same family, including three women and two children, were wounded by a roadside bomb.

Balad. Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded by a morning mortar attack near Balad and Dhoulouiyah, north of Baghdad

Balad. A truck driver was ambushed and shot dead.

Zouiyah. One Iraqi dies in a bombing targeting a US convoy.

24:00 Wahington. US State Dept. Spokesman Adam Ereli says that talk concerning the conclusion of the final report in the Calipari affair is premature.

23:58 Copenhagen. Denmark to extend deployment. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller says parliament has approved mission through February 2006 with the help of the far-right parties.

23:48 Washington. Donald Rumsfeld admits insurgency cannot be defeated by either US or Iraqi forces. Rumsfeld also admits that the insurgency is just as strong as it was last year.

22:28 Jerusalem. Home-made Qassam rockets exploded near Sdérot in southern Israel, causing no damage or injuries. The rockets were said to be fabricated by the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed branch of Hamas. They can carry of 12-lb charge for a distance of 7 miles.

22:18 Beirut. Last remaining Syrian soldiers and intelligence officers leave Lebanon.

21:54 Moscow. Russian President to visit Egypt for the first time in 40 years.

21:16 Washington. Rumsfeld says work of commission of inquest not concluded. Meanwhile, Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers confirms the same.

20:28 Rome. As soon as it arrives in Italy, the Toyota Corolla in which Nicola Calipari was slain will be subject to forensic examination ordered by Rome prosecutors Franco Ionta, Pietro Saviotti and Erminio Amelio. The ROS and DIGOS agencies will conduct the examination.

19:56 Rome. Berlusconi summons US Ambassador Mel Sembler for a second time today.

19:38 Rome. Sgrena's lawyer says forensic examination of Toyota will lead to important findings. Lawyer Alessandro Gamberini says the velocity and direction of the shots fired at Sgrena's car can be determined during forensic examination.

19:32 Rome. Berlusconi says commission has not concluded its work. The Italian-American commission of inquest has not yet concluded its work, says the Italian Premier before parliament.

19:00 Rome. Guiliana Sgrena says attack on Calipari was an ambush and that the details leaked by the Pentagon of the report by the commission of inquest "have nothing to do with the truth".

18:32 Berlusconi says Calipari dossier is not closed. Berlusconi tells the Italian lower house that the commission of inquest on the Calipari slaying has not concluded its work and deplores leaks by the Pentagon.

18:12. Rome. Berlusconi refuses to discuss Calipari affair with press.

17:17 Rome. Calipari affair: Italian politician demands briefing by Silvio Berlusconi. Luciano Violante demands a briefing to the lower house of parliament.

16:40 Amman. Jordanian government confirms the Sunday kidnapping of businessman Samir Rajab al-Suqi.

17:02 Washington. CIA warns against chemical weapons. After admitting that Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction when Iraq was invated, the CIA now claims that there is a risk of chemical attack by the insurgents. The agency claims that there is a series of secret chemical laboratories run by Sunni extremists known as the Al Abud network. Saddam's chemical plants were looted and missing equipment, says the agency, may contribute to the manufacture of chemical or biological weaspons. Of 1,000 Iraqi scientists working of WMDs before 1991, 105 are now in the custody of US forces.

17:09 Baghdad. New government to be announced. The announcement of the formation of a new Iraqi government is expected by the end of the day, says Haytham Husseini of SCIRI. The new goverment is comprised of 33 ministerial slots to be filled by 17 Shi'ites, 8 Kurds, 6 Sunnis, one Turkman and one Christian, says Jawad Maliki of the Dawa Party.

14:55 Rome. Ministerial Council avoids discussion of Calipari slaying. Minister for Reform Roberto Calderoli says the topic of the report on the Calipari slaying was not addressed.

14:36 New York. Italian politician condemns Sgrena report details leaked by Pentagon. Italian politician Marco Minniti says the Pentagon's leak is a sign of split with Italy. It is urgent that the government appear immediately before Parliament to brief the body on what it intends to do in response to, if confirmed, an unprecedented gesture of breakoff of ties with our country.

13:12 Rome. Toyota used in slaying of Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari to arrive tonight by C-130 cargo plane at Pratica di Mare airport.

11:09 Bucharest. Soccer player offers to exchange self for Romanian hostages. An Iraqi soccer player playing for the Gloria Buzau team in Romania offers himself in exchange for Romanian hostages, says sports daily, Pro Sport.

10:19 Kut. Iraqi security forces arrest 305 terrorism suspects in Madaïen and Al Wahda in Wāsit Province, including 11 foreigners: Egyptians, Palestinians and Sudanese. The are accused of membership in in Ansar al Sunna. Wāsit Provincial Police Chief says that 85 of the suspects were known terrorists.

09:28 Baghdad. Ansar Al-Sunna takes six Sudanese truck drivers hostage. The Sudanese worked as drivers for the US military delivering food, supplies and arms.

09:28 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi escapes US arrest. US troops conducted a February 20th raid in Ramadi but failed to capture al-Zarqawi. Soldiers found his laptop computer and cash. [Somehow, I don't think Zarqawi possess a laptop--Nur]


Anonymous Mark from Ireland said...

There seems to be some doubt about whether the car shown in various photos was the one she was kidnapped in or the one in which she was riding when the agent was shot. Nur any way of checking?

6:16 PM  
Blogger Nur-al-Cubicle said...

Mark, go here for the photos of the Toyota Corolla rented by the SISMI intelligence team which collected Sgrena at the point of release

4:26 PM  

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