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Thursday, April 28, 2005

28 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. 17 Iraqis, including an Interior Ministry general, were slain in or near Baghdad. Four civilians were killed in a rocket attack on the capital. A police commander was killed as well as several soldiers and civilians killed in attacks north of the capital.

Fallujah. US forces claim they killed two insurgents in the city.

Baghdad. Islamic Party demands release of Romanian hostages.

Paris. Five alleged radical Islamists who had been sought for several years were arrested in Paris and Marseille. One of the arrested is Moroccan Saïd al-Maghrebi, 39. The quintet are thought to have been recruiting young Muslim men for battle in Iraq.

Paris. French ex-minister to be investigated. Former Internior Minister Charles Pasqua and his right arm Bernard Guillet are being investigated for receiving kickback coupons for up to 10.8 million barrels of oil in the Oil for Food scandal.

Nassiriyah. Mortar fire targets Italian patrol 50 km north of Nassiriya. The rounds exploded in front of their convoy. Some vehicles were slightly damaged.

22:54 Dubai. Ansar al-Sunna claims it executed nine Sudanese working for the US military.

21:57 Paris. Former advisor to French ex-Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, Bernard Guillet, has been released on bail in the Oil for Food investigation. Guillet was previously investigated for arm sales to Angola in 2001 and in the Sofremi Affair in 2002.

21:30 Paris. Former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua is under investigation for have received and cashed in on suspect "commissions" in Oil for Food scandal.

20:40 Baghdad. Two police wounded by a blast in the Zayouna district in Baghdad.

15:18 Najaf. Body of police chief found in Tigris. The body of nMajor Bassim Mohammed, a Najaf police chief, was found floating in the Tigris according to Radio Sawa. Three other obdies showing signs of torture and gunshot wounds were also recovered.

11:46 Baghdad. New cabinet approved by assent of 180 MPS out of 275, says Assembly Speaker Hajem al-Hassani, a Sunni. Only 185 MPs were present during the vote. However the portfolios for Defense, Oil, Indusry, Power and Human Rights was not been attributed. Vice President Ghazi al-Yawar demands that the cabinet be complete within two days. Meanwhile Sunni MPs Mishaan Juburi and Modhar Shawkat says the Sunnis are under-represented. Meanwhile, the interim Minister of Defense is Premier Jafaari and the interim Minister for Oil is Ahmed Chalabi. The block led by ex-Premier Iyad Allawii, which has 40 MPs, will not be represented in the new cabinet. However, MP Hussein Sadr wished the new government well.

09:50 Washington. Anniverary of the breaking of the Abu Ghraib scandal by CBS. The US military has issued new guidelines on prisoner treatment.

08:18 Baghdad. Iraqi General assassinated. An Iraqi general serving as advisor to the Ministry of Interior, Mohsen Abdel Sada, has been shot dead behind the wheel of his car by three unknown gunmen in the Dura district of the capital. Sada was on his way to work.

08:00 Tikrit. Two Iraqi soldiers killed.


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