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Monday, August 15, 2005

15 August 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region.

Baghdad. US Ambassador [and Proconsul--Nur] Zalmay Khalilzad announced to Iraq's National Assembly that the Constitution would not be ready on time. Speaker Hajem al-Hassani then requested a voice vote on a motion to extend the deadline for the presentation of a finalized document to parliament by a week to ten days. 237 of the 275 delegates presented voted "yes" to general applause.

Baghdad. A SCIRI official is shot dead.

Baghdad. A police officer is shot dead in Abu Ghraib in the outskirts of Baghdad.

Erbil. Infibulation massively practised in Kurdistan. More than 60% percent of women and girls have undergone genital mutilation, reports the Christian Science Monitor. [Nasty little secret--Nur]. Non-infibulated women are considered whores.

Doujail. A Turkish truck driver is killed and several rigs destroyed when a roadside "cowbomb" struck a supply convoy heading for a US base.

Shorgat. Five rebels were killed following an attack on an Iraqi army position. Meanwhile, three other rebels were killed in a clash with police.

Samarra. An Iraqi soldier is killed in a rebel attack.

Balad. An Iraqi woman was killed by a mortar round when she visited her son at an army base.

Baquba. Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and two wounded in a rebel attack on a checkpoint. Rebels used grenades and small weapons fire.

Khalès. City councilman Mohammad Hussein and his driver were killed by armed men in this town near Baquba.

Tikrit. Blast kills three civilians.

Baghdad. An Iraqi solider was killed and his wife wounded by unknown assailants in the al-Amiriyah à Baghdad

Baghdad. A suicide bomber rammed his motorcycle into a group of civilians watching an al-Hurra cameraman interview police in the Karrada business district of Bahgdad. Fifteen were wounded, including the cameraman and six police.

Baghdad. A mortar round wounded 17 people near the Minstry of the Interior.

19:05 Crawford. Opponents of the war in Iraq continued to camp out near the ranch of George W. Bush.

18:54 Berlin. Opposition candidate Angela Merkel accused Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of trying to score points with Iran at the expense of the United States.

18:16 Habaniyah. Sixe Iraqis were killed by a rebel-fired grenade laucher.

18:02 Baghdad. Discussions on the Iraqi consitituion have not concluded and a session of Iraqi parliament was delayed two hours.

18:02 Sinaï. Two Canadian women were slightly wounded by a bomb which struck a vehicleof the UN Multinational Observer Force.

17:58 Israel began its evacuation of the Gaza Strip. Half of the 9,000 colonists have decided to resist

17:51 Tehran. Among the names of 21 nominees to head Iran's ministries Sunday, only two have prior experience. The others are unknown figures.

17:32 Gaza. Palestinians celebrated the Israel evacuation from the Gaza Strip

17:28 Amman. Jordan called on Palestinians to close ranks to prevent others from marring the Israeli evacuation from the Gaza Strip.

16:50 Istanbul. Four perons were wounded in a bomb placed in front of a bank in Omerli, Mardin Province. A earlier bomb detonated in front of the local administrator in Sirnak Province.

16:48 Baghdad. Two employees of the Interior Ministry were killed in an ambush targeting the family of Vice President Adel Abdel Mehdi) north of the capital.

16:45 Baghdad. Session of the National Assembly postponed due to delay in drafting the Consitution. Session is postponed from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

16:39 Jerusalem. Israeli police arrest two right-wing extremists who attempted to enter the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's old city.

16:26 Baghdad. New allegations of torture. In a video handed over to the Vice-Governor of Diyala Province northeast of Baghdad, twenty men tell how they were arrested and tortured by Iraqi's Interior Ministry.

16:19 Tehran. Four police were kidnapped in northwest Iran by a group linked to the PKK.

16:21 Oudhaïm. Two bodyguards escorting the family members of Vice President Adel Abdel Mehdi were killed and six wounded 120 km north of Baghdad. Mehdi is a SCIRI official and a lieutenant of Abdel Aziz Hakim.

14:55 Al-Arish (Egypt). Blast reported near a military airport in northern Sinai. Two Canadians wounded in a blast targeting the Multinational Observation Force.

14:50 Rome. The Italian governnment will begin terrorism drills in September.

12:59 Baghdad. Suicide bomber blows himself up at lunch hour inside a restaurante frequented by police

10:43 Gaza City Palestinian militants kidnap the soundman for a French TV crew,

10:36 Jerusalem. Foreign Minister Shaul Mofaz declared taht Israel intends to hold on to six colonies on the West Bank.


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