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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

20 September 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

New York. John A. "Junior” Gotti gets off. Cindy Sheehan arrested for organizing a rally without a permit.

Kabul. President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday challenged the need for continued U.S.-led military operations in Afghanistan such as air strikes and house searches. Karzai said the need for major military operations by U.S.-led coalition forces has eased and that air strikes are no longer effective. He also demanded an immediate end to foreign troops searching people's homes without his government's authorization.

Rome. Paolo Salom writing for the Corriere della Sera reports that Britain is to send 6000 more troops to Iraq in an "unforeseen deployment". The 7th Armoured Brigade, better known as The Desert Rats, will deploy in November. Salom also says that Defence Ministry plans to redeploy other British troops in Iraq to Afghanistan have been scrapped.

New York. The Quartet calls upon Israel to abandon its plans for settlement expansion on the West Bank.

23:58 New York. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal declared that US policies are accentuating sectarian differences in Iraq and pushing the country under the influence of Iran.

23:58 Baghdad. Nine Americans have been killed in violence in Iraq in the last 48 hours. A bombing today in Mosul killed Stephen Eric Sullivan, a security officer for the US Dept. of State and three security guards. Two blasts in Ramadi killed 4 US soldiers on Monday and a roadside bomb killed a fifth soldier.

23:44 New York. Iran and Israel had a harsh exchange of words today at the UN. Earlier in the day, Foreign Defense Minister Shalom asked the IAEA to act to prevent the "regime of evil" from acquiring nuclear weapons. Iranian delegate Ahmad Sadeghi accused Israel of maintaining a nuclear arsenal for years, threatening the peace and security of the Middle East.

23:42 Bahrain. Bahraini authorities have cancelled their embargo on Israeli products within the framework of a free trade agreement signed with the United States. However, Sheikh Mohammed ben Mubarak al-Khalifa to Kuwait's al-Rai al-Amm newspaper that the normalization of diplomatic relations with Israel is not on the agenda.

17:09 Nassiriya. Aziz Kadum Aluan al-Aghely, Governor of Dhi Qar, says he expects a partial withdrawal of Italian contingent by the end of the year.

15:15 Teheran. Iran says that its stance on the Non-Proliferation Treaty may change.

15:12 Baghdad. The US military announces the arrest of two medical doctors working for al-Qaeda in a "terrorist clinic" near Baghdad. Anis Abd-al-Razaq, alias Dr. Anis or Dr. Saad, and Mazen Mahdi, alias Dr. Mazen or Dr. Layth were arrested in raids in Baquba and Baghdad.

15:20 Gaza. The Rafah crossing with Egypt will be opened for 48 hours to allow Palestinians to regularize their situations.

14:17 Ramadi. Four US marines were killed by roadside bombs.

09:32 Mosul. Carbomb targets diplomatic convoy, killing four Americans.

00:10 Baghdad. New York Times employee Fakher Haider, assigned to Basrah, was found shot in the head after being kidnapped two days ago.


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