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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

George W. Bush to the Rescue

Bush intended to punish and to discipline the poor of New Orleans—who had in his eyes refused to evacuate the city-- by withholding assistance. He did, apparently, intend to assist at some point, with a combination of aid and repression, but only when the populace had “learned its lesson.” This, my friends is a policy which Bush has adopted from the Testament of Cardinal Richelieu, Prime Minister to Louis XIII.

The President was forced by public opinion to yield but now the risk is that the temporary shelters arranged by the Administration will become the Poor Houses of the 21st century. The uninsured, homeless evacuees will be left destitute, unless they “vote with their feet” and migrate to communities which will have them.

As expressed by the 41st Dowager, Barbara Bush, the sea of indigent Louisianians, abandoned to the Astrodomes and conference centers of Texas and Utah, are fortunate to have become the wards of the affluent, who, through the Grace of God, used their abundance to rescue them and who now provide for their survival.

A friend of mine remarked that the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is that the Republican aims to enslave us and the Democrat means to indenture us. Both have forgotten the belief, born with the Enlightenment, that all men are created equal. Embedded in this notion is the idea that helping the poor is a national responsibility. I would even go so far as to say that a state which has a social safety net is one in which democracy has been perfected.


Blogger Postman said...

Amazing and quick recovery by oil co's who must have planned for this many times. Evidently staff availability was high.

The loss of + / - 11 bpd is easily made up from the Strategic Reserve (which is what it is there for).

It is the continuing loss of Gulf production which is the major concern - it will of course be made up from elsewhere - at a cost (especially to the trading account).

But we musn't mention the deficits.

The $ doesn't look too good, but ther will be plenty of arm twisting going on in the Central banks, several auctions due this week.

Paradoxocally the post Labour Day week is always slow on W Street IPO's to get away.

All the majors took a drop yesterday $ 2/3.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous UF said...

"... and that the strength of a people is measured by the welfare of the weakest of its members"
- Preamble of the Swiss Constitution

11:50 AM  

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