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Monday, November 21, 2005

"Chemical" Don

The United States military used white phosphorus during its advance on Nassiriya, says BBC correspondent Adam Maynot in an interview with RaiNews24.
There was an attack, and three days later the Marines used white phosphorus on the center of the city. The people who sought help at the hospital had their skin in falling off in shreds because it was completely burned. These people were at home which rockets penetrated the walls of their homes; they saw an enormous white cloud.

America should put itself on trial.


Blogger Pocho said...

America's trial is already over. The crime was told in the sorbid history of its existance. The jury was made up of more civilized peoples than found within its borders. Their verdict has already been returned. The punishment is what is now and will continue to be doled to it. Like one man said "Bring it on".

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