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Monday, April 10, 2006

10 April 2006 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Washington. The USA says it foiled 30 attacks similar to those of 9-11.

Kabul. A clash between tribes killed at least four. A clash between the Babakar Khel and Kuchi tribes kills four and wounds 7.

Afghanistan. Attack on checkpoint in Paktika Province wounds 6 Afghan soldiers.

Kandahar. A remote controlled detonation targeted five Agfhan army vehicles and killed one. When help came to the scene, a second bomb detonated, wounding 2 soldiers, 2 police and five civilians.

Herat. Carbomb targets Italian troops in Herat.

Jerusalem. Olmert gives carte blanc, to Israeli security forces to continue strikes on Gaza.

Jerusalem. 5 000 killed in Palestinian-Israeli violence since September 2000.

Hebron. Two Palestinians arrested and carried away from their hospital bed.

20:51 Baghdad. 31 private security guards were arrested on charges of working for the insurgency in the Hamra Hotel, where foreign journalists and businessmen are lodged.

19:31 London. North Sea Brent reaches historical high of $68.93 per barrel.

18::20 Baghdad. Shi'ite alliance to meet to discus Jaafari.

17:26 Baghdad. 90% of suicide bombers were recruited by al-Zarqawi, says US Gen. Rick Lynch.

16:30 Fallujah. A clash between armed men and police kills three civilians and wounds nine.

11:27 Maysan. Rocket attack on Scottish barracks. Two Katiusha strike a Scottish barracks in the south of the country. No one was injured

10:20 Kandahar. Five health workers were shot dead in the northern province of Badghis, Afghanistan. Their clinic was then set ablaze.

09:03 Kandahar. Two police killed in Helmand Province.

07:09 Sydney. PM John Howard will testify in writing on his role in the "Oil for Food" scandal.

00:10 Baghdad. Kurds reject Jafaari as Premier.


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