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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

12 April 2006 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Cairo. The Iraqi Foreign Minister did not attend the Cairo conference on "The Dangerous Situation in Iraq" called by the Arab League. Iraq is boycotting the conference after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek remarked that the Shi'ites were more loyal to Iran than to local governments.

New York. Israeli PM Olmert told the Wall Street Journal that he was seeking US support for his unilateral disengagement plan from the West Bank.

Rome. Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli has rejected extradition requests for US CIA agents involved in the kidnapping of Abu Omar.

Kabul. The US military is investigating claims of the theft of computer memory sticks containing secret documents from its airbase at Bagram. A nearby bazaar was said to be selling the items.

Dubai. The satellite TV station al-Arabiya broadcast a video of a Sunni insurgent claimed to be dead. The video shows Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of Jundullah, whom Iranian security forces claim to have killed several days ago. Jundullah was responsible for the kidnapping and execution of an Iranian soldier on January 19.

Ramallah. The UN has adopted a restrictive policy toward Hamas, cutting short its humanitarian program. However, Karen Abu Zayd, the UN Commissioner-General for Assistant to Palestinian Refugees, downplayed the announcement.

Gaza. Israeli artillery fired on a group of Palestinians near the Kissoufim passage. Ibrahim Mohammad Massoud, 20, and Mohammad Adnan Amoudi, 22, were killed.

Baiji. Two Iraqi soldiers were shot dead.

Baghdad. Three civilians and a police officer were killed in the al-Waziriayh quarter of Baghdad.

Khalis. A carbomb detonated in front of a clinic, killing 3 and wounded 23.

Tal Afar. Two civilians were killed and seven wounded when a carbomb detonated in the center of the town.

Kirkuk. Two police killed and four wounded in a carbombing.

Baghdad. Iraq's Parliament will be called into session on 17 April in an attempt to force the country's political blocs to agree to a new government within a 5-day period.

Baghdad. The 20th courtroom session of the trial of Saddam Hussein ended abruptly today after expert witnesses on the Doujail massacre did not show up. The trial is suspended until 17 April.

Baghdad. The National Accord Front, an alliance of Sunni Arabs, has demanded the Iraqi presidency in negotiations to form a new government.

Baquba. At least 26 are dead and 70 wounded in the carbombing of a Shi'ite mosque north of Baquba.

Baghdad. US military announces the deaths of eight soldiers across the country.

23:11 Baghdad. The kidnapping of Jill Carroll was an mistake, says Iraqi businessman al-Gaud.

22:14 Baquba. 26 are dead after the carbombing of a Shi'ite mosque in Howaydir, near Baquba. At least 70 are wounded.

19:34 Baquba. Carbomb targets Shi'ite mosque in Howaydir.

18:24 Jalawa. A Kurdish city councilman and his bodyguards were shot dead.

18: 22 Baghdad. The Shi'ite alliance has issued a demand likely to lead to institutional paralysis. The UIA wants community-wide consensus on the selection of a President.

14:04 Tal Afar. A carbomb detonated at a military checkpoint, killing 6 police and civilians.

11:32 Baghdad. Three carbombs detonated in Baghdad, Tal Afar and Khalis, killing at least 7 and wounding 10.

11:09 Baghdad. Trial of Saddam Hussein postponed until 17 April.

11:04 Rome. Opposition leader Romano Prodi reaffirms that Italy with withdraw its troops from Iraq.

10:00 Baghdad. A homemade bomb kills one policeman and three civilians.

09:01 Baghdad. Three ministerial employees were shot dead as they went to work this morning in different parts of Baghdad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, amidst all the U.S.-enabled violence... the American solution is to investigate "claims of the theft of computer memory sticks containing secret documents?"

Personally, I see the severity -- I do hold the key to global security in my memory stick, but, I mean -- SAID sticks weren't suspect until AFTER they were stolen from those w/ "secret documents?"

gimme a break.

1:29 AM  
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..and the Good News this Easter is ....?

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