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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rome talks a blind ally

The summit in Rome on Lebanon organized by Italian Foreign Minister D'Alema and Condoleeza Rice is doomed before it gets off the ground, despite the nice gold pens. Condoleeza's Israeli-conceived peace plan won't make it to first base. She wants a Hezbollah pullback as a precondition to a ceasefire. Shameful. The killing of innocent civilians throughout Lebanon by Israel must stop first.

Nabih Berri, Lebanese Assembly Speaker and leader of Amal, and Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora are on the same page: 1. A ceasefire; 2. A prisoner exchange and 3. the return of Lebanese prisoners held by Israel.

Meanwhile, more bloodmouthing from the Knesset: a threat to destroy Lebanon because Israel must survive. No, Mr. Peres, that's not the way it works.


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