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Monday, November 13, 2006

Bush rejects the Baker Report

Get ready for a battle royale when the new Congress convenes. Bush has rejected the Baker Report. Don't expect help from Gates.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I came upon yoour blog while searching for blogs that seem to invite discussion of foreign and domestic policy issues surrounding the US and Europe's relations with the world of Islam. This has been something I have been studying and thinking about ever since my son was deployed to Afghanistan almost a year ago.

I agree with you that Bush is going to largely reject the Baker suggestions, and that this is going to produce a pitched battle in congress. How it will turn out is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, innocent citizens of Iraq and well-meaning American kids are going to get killed every day, thanks to a small group of people who were, literally, "hell-bent" on starting an unjust war.

Good luck with this blog! If you don't mind, it would like to comment frequently.

The blog I manage is:

The subject matter is VERY different than yours, of course.

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