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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Breathin' the Green

Fallujah, Iraq (Reuters)[Via Le Monde]

Medical sources report that two booby-trapped trucks transporting chlorine exploded Friday outside Fallujah, killing eight; the US military said 350 people were poisoned. A third blast releasing chlorine took place in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

...The first truck exploded near the town of Amiria where two Iraqi policemen died and a hundred Iraqis were sickened by chlorine, with lesions to the skin and lungs, accompanied by vomiting. The second truck, which contained 900 liters of liquid chlorine, blew up approximately 5 kilometers from Fallujah 40 minutes later Friday evening.

...Earlier on Friday, a bomb releasing chlorine blew up ata US-manned checkpoint northeast of Ramadi, wounding a US soldier and one Iraqi.

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