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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another Bloody Sunday: 6 May 2007

I used to do a hour-to-hour timeline of daily violence in Iraq and around the Middle East. I have a few spare moments today, lest we lose sight of the carnage:

21:01 Diyala. Six US soldiers and a journalist die when their car hits a roadside bomb in Diyala Province.

18:25 Tunceli, Turkey. Kurds and Turkish troops in firefight. 5 Kurds and 2 Turkish soldiers dead.

16:34 Shubara, Pakistan. 2 Shi'ite clerics murdered.

16:20 Gaza, Palestine. Radical Islamic militants attack an elementary school, killing Majid Abu Shamallah, an MP for Fatah. Another 6 wounded, including a child and the Vice Principal.

15:32 Baghdad. US raids Sadr City, killing 10 people. The US military said they were importers of explosive from Iran.

15:29 Algiers. Intelligence unit warns Islamist suicide bombers about to strike again.

14:21 Baghdad. Three US Marines die in al-Anbar province, bringing total military deaths to 3,365 since 2003.

13:48 Al-Gurah, Egypt. French military training aircraft crashes shortly after takeoff on a highway in the Sinai Peninsula. 9 dead, including 8 French military personnel and an officer of an undisclosed nation.

13:32 Gaza, Palestine. UN-run school attacked.

12:48 Baghdad. Ansal al-Sunna beheads Iraqi soldier and uploads video to the 'net.

12:37 Samarra. Two suicide bombings targeted different police stations 120 km north of Baghdad as mortar and machine gun fire heard. A suicide carbomber rammed the central police station. A second rammed the barracks of the special emergency police unit. 12 police killed, 6 wounded, including the Police Chief, Abd al-Yalil Nahi. The 3rd Brigade of the 82nd airborne rushed to the scene where they came under machine gun fire. A US Humvee took a direct rocket hit, wounding one US solider. A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a second US Humvee. No word on casualties.

11:49 Ramallah, Palestine. Militants blow up a fuel truck, wounding an Israeli security guard.

10:42 Baghdad. 35 killed and 80 wounded the al-Bayaa quarter of Baghdad as a booby-trapped car explodes on 20th Street. In the same quarter, residents have been moving out over the last 3 days as al-Mahdi Army militants take over.

09:17 Al-Asriyah. 13 wounded in marketplace bombing 40 km south of Baghdad

09:15. Baquba. 3 killed in a marketplace firefight between gunmen and Iraqi troops 60 km northeast of Baghdad.

09:04 Gaza. Four rockets launched at Israeli settlements in the Neghev Desert.

07:53 Baghdad. US bombs 4 residences in Sadr City, wounding 6 people, including children.

07:43 Ghazni, Afghanistan. 5 police killed by roadside bomb.

06:41 Herat, Afghanistan. 8 Afgani police and 4 Taliban die in firefight.

02:29 Washington. Bush requests "responsible" funding for the "war against al-Qaeda" in Iraq.

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