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Thursday, May 17, 2007


UPDATE: WOLFIE'S OUSTED (But, like his pal, Tony Blair, he gets one more month)

Who else but Paul Wolfowitz would:

1) Accuse the Board of the World Bank of lying
2) Attempt to strike a reverse plea bargain* (You declare me innocent, and I'll leave)
3) Cheat like hell then declare "I acted in good faith".

* A reverse plea bargain is extortion.



Blogger sdh said...

Attempt to strike a reverse plea bargain*

This is also standard practice in academia when trying to get rid of faculty members. Basically its a standard way of foisting unethical or scandal-ridden tenured professors (if they weren't tenured, then they would just get drop-kicked) onto some other hapless institution and insure that you won't get sued.

Prior to joining the Bush administration, Wolfy had a nice post at John Hopkins.

9:34 PM  
Blogger Shutter said...

"Who else but Paul Wolfowitz would:"

You want the WHOLE list ?

Feith Pere et Fils
Wurmser Husband and Wife
Dick Cheney and daughter
That nice guy who used to be private counsel to the Governor of Texas who is now the US Attorney general
Joe Leiberman
Nancy Pelosi
That Zoelleck guy
Harlan Ullman
Henry Kissinger
All those who signed the PNAC
Oh! and George Bush and his Colgate pal, Tony Blair.

..and don't call HUmphreys the doyen of journos. For a kick off he is Welsh... which aids him in being a sanctimonious creep playing the role of polymath and searcher for Truth - but knows exactly when to withdraw - a sort of reflexive coitus interruptus of interviewing style.

You want a UK journo who knows how to fillet and fry - try Alan Whicker.

6:49 PM  

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