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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 October 2007 Events in Iraq

US troops spent the day in Diyala Province fighting "al Qaeda of Iraq" (body count 37) but when the sun went down....insurgents launched a sustained mortar attack on Camp Victory outside Baghdad, killing 2 US soliders and wounding another 38.

Meanwhile, via L'Orient-Le Jour

Carbombings continue daily, with very high death tolls.

Three people were killed in Baghdad and 17 wounded in one blast and two fusillades.

In Tikrit, 4 people, including 2 policemen, were killed and 8 wounded in a carbombing.
In Diwaniyah, two policemen were killed in a drive-by shooting; a school for women came under mortar fire, wounding 11 students, 2 teachers and 2 other persons.
In Baghdad, the US released 1,400 Iraqi prisoners, but holds more than 25,000 in outdoor camps.

Along the Syrian border, a camp for displaced, stateless Iraqi Palestinians burned to the ground.


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