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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turkish Offensive in Northern Iraq

Via La Repubblica:

Turkish artillery targeted a few villages this morning in Iraqi Kurdistan. A few hours before, the PKK set an ambush for Turkish troops in the village of Daglica in the southern region of Hakkari in southern Turkey in which it killed 12 soldiers, wounded 15 and kidnapped another 10. 23 PKK members were also killed.

Also in southeast Turkey, a passenger van ran over a mine during a wedding celebration, killing one person. Meanwhile, Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul announced that his Army is planning to cross the frontier into Iraq [...]

85 Turkish mortar rounds fell in the space of two hours, from 6am to 8am, striking the villages of Shransc, Aflah, Pirla, Ghelib Basaga and Nesdur e Risain in Zakho Province, and Qawa Qar, Beit Qar, Stinadar, Matin, Nirua e Rikan in Al-Amadia Province. Residents of Nesdur a pedestrian bridge was destroyed. The Iraqi news agency Nina, reports that Turkish troops have already crossed the frontier.

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