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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism czar, gave a nice rousing speech at the local university organized by "The Security Network", a group of pro-Dem former security officials. Clarke's underscored the costly blunders of Bush and his team and urged the departure of US troops from Iraq. He even blasted al-Maliki's request for a long-term US presence there. He concluded by affirming that the US had to recover its values as well as the protections of the Constitution trampled by the Bush and his appointees.

I didn't get to ask any questions during the Q&A, but wanted so badly to ask if, when Bin Laden was being recruited by Zbignew Brzezinski, there was someone arguing that instrumentalizing a revealed religion, especially Wahhabi Islam, to fight Communists was a really bad idea.


Blogger janinsanfran said...

Interesting as I believe Clarke is onboard with Team Clinton

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