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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Psych-Out Primary

I live in Florida. Today the state had a Democratic primary that doesn't count..unless you are Hillary Clinton. Barak Obama played by the rules, and lost!

In my opinion, the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries boil down to a display of boosterism. When a state the size of Florida goes to the polls, it's for real. But Howard Dean was furious that Florida Democrats decided to assert the weight of the state in the primaries and so he scotched our vote and made the Democrats running for President sign a pledge not to campaign here. We voters were to be shunned, except those giving money to Hillary Clinton, who just happened to be in the state to attend fundraisers (totally unrelated to the primary, of course) last weekend.

Then, this afternoon, before the polls had closed, the Clinton campaign organized a conference call (I really don't know precisely what this is, but back in 2004, Howard Dean would conference with supporters holding small, private fundraisers).
The Clinton campaign, in a conference call billed as “Why Florida Matters” just a short while ago, wants it known that it now believes Florida’s delegates should be seated at the convention.
Obama, you have been the victim of a psych-out. Hillary is now in Davie, north of Miami, at, get this, a victory rally!

p.s. I am happy to report that in my district, Obama trounced Hillary by getting 46% the vote compared to Hillary's 35%.
p.p.s. This is Baptist country...and they all voted for Romney. Now that says something about evangelicals actually liking Romney.

Postmortem. When living in Western NY, one of the nicest, smartest, dedicated, achieving Democrats with a sense of humor I ever met ran for municipal judge and was trounced by the machine, which supported someone who couldn't by any measure hold a candle to my candidate. In my heart of hearts, I know that Obama is the right man for the moment but he's up against the machine, which, while creaky in South Carolina, is probably well-oiled in California and New York. I suppose the lesson is a political campaign is a war, with no room for being right (integrity) or giving sincere, inspiring speeches. Winning is all that matters. And we are all the lesser for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, Crimi is a judge now. He received an appointment to an open judgeship, and won reelection.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Nur-al-Cubicle said...

That's bright and encouraging news, Anon. I feel less negative...too bad there's no "open presidentship".

10:03 AM  
Blogger Mr.Murder said...

Disappointing to hear so, nur-al.

Obama's man Rezko is funded by an Iraqi billionaire named Auchi, who was close to Saddam. The man took part in assassination and coup attempts alonsgside him in early times, and is an international banking magnate now.

Auchi is really close to a lot of the points in play for the network that set up the Niger forgery.

He was our middle man to the Iraq side of the contra arms shipments, via Italy, where one of his initial deals was setting up items for their navy.

He's an uberfascist.

Big part of the Iraqi National Congress as well. He was recently cuagh bribing members of Blair's ministry.

He's on the board of one of France's three major banks, that will try and but out its largest competitor off the heels of the supposed "one trader took seven billion" scheme that's out there now.

He was the man given Kurdish accounts in the oil for food program and still owes them four billion plus interest.

It appears we've let elements of the neocons attain undue influence within our party now.

We went from having our Presidency hijacked, to our Constitution hijacked, to the largest opposition party being hijacked.

Said he only worked with the guy "for five hours" but has known him 17 years and bought a house through him.

Why would a candidate be that obtuse about a person he's known and been his career number one donor? Maybe that's the audacity part of him taking over...

10:59 PM  

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