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Saturday, February 02, 2008


German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung rejected any involvement of the Bundeswehr, the German Army, in southern Afghanistan, replying to a demand from his US counterpart, Robert Gates.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Jung (Conservative, CDU) confirmed that he received a letter containing the demand from US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, as reported by the daily newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung. « I believe that we are making a contribution, as foreseen by our mandate », said M. Jung, reminding reporters that the mandate passed by the Bundestag excluded a sustained commitment of the Bundeswehr in southern Afghanistan. «I think we should concentrate on our priority » in the North, insisted Jung.

Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that Mr. Gates' letter had an "uncustomary rude" tone in demanding a commitment from the Germans « of units with helicopters and combat troops, such as airborne units», in the South.

[Via L'Orient Le Jour]


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