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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A pathetic former general

Late last night I caught a Charlie Rose interview of former General Riccardo Sanchez, whose reputation was blemished because of the Abu Graib scandal and was subsequently forced out of the US Army.

According to the Abu Ghraib narrative that we've all heard there were some dark forces and an Army colonel with a Greek last name encouraged the MPs to abuse and humiliate the prisoners, especially through using dogs. But in last night's interview, Sanchez revealed another shocker in an attempt to explain events-that he, Riccardo Sanchez, would allow US troops to be "borrowed" by the CIA. In their borrowed status, they were "released" from US military codes and practices. Now who the hell has ever heard of a commanding general with any self respect who would permit his troops to be "borrowed" and released from his rules and regulations? Is this the caliber of our generals? Pathetic!

General Sanchez's other lament was the confusion. He reminded me of a madam netted in a vice raid saying in court, Your Honor, it was all so confusing! So much coming and going! I had no idea what was going on!


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