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Friday, March 02, 2007

Late Night C-Span

Watching the Senate can be a painful, disappointing experience. The senators seem to be no more better informed than Joe Sixpack. Tonight's broadcast of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan and Iraq left me shaking my head.

Senator Kennedy was questioning General Lute on Pakistan and the forceful measures that could be used against the country to force it to eliminate the Taleban. But there were glaring and shocking omissions of facts on the ground, such as, Pakistan is a nuclear nation and thus cannot really be threatened very much and more important, that the Taleban is and was an ISI-created paramilitary force. Musharraf would no more take on the Taleban than nuke Islamabad. Senator Kennedy, lamentably, is under the impression that the Taleban is a threat to Pakistan.

Then it was Senator Warner's turn. For a moment I thought that the arrogant pr**k was going to hang the DoD witness, Undersecretary Edelman, out to dry. The DoD has been placing responsibility at the feet of Iran for Iraqi IEDs and Warner wanted to know if Iranian parts had been found in the IED's that are now regularly detonating all over Afghanistan. The DoD weasel said that topic would have to be covered in closed committee, meaning, the answer was "no". At that point Warner berated Edelman for the suggestion since the issue of IEDs is vastly public. Now, I thought, Edelman is going to be dead meat. But no! The Senator actually wanted Iran to be fingered!

Hopeless. Just hopeless.

Before zapping the program, the feckless gusano Bob Martinez came out swinging, wanting to know about the poppies. Slumber on, Bob.

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