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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

January 4 Events in Iraq

Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Defense Minister Sheik Jaber al-Moubarak al-Sabah says three Kuwaiti soldiers were arrested under suspicion of planning attacks on US forces. The daily newspaper al-Siyassah reports that the arrested men are linked to al Qaeda. The arrests occurred following the extradition of a Kuwaiti by Syria. Another daily, al-Raï al-Aam, reports that the group planned to attack US installations in Kuwait on the Muslim feast of Aïd al-Adha (Sacrifice) on 21 January. The three are said to have contacts with Arab fighters from Afghanistan and Chechniya.

Kuwait City. Anti-Islamists strike back. Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Jamal al-Omar demands the investigation of Justice Minister Ahmed Yacoub Baqer for constitutional violations and financial irregularities. Al-Omar accuses Baqer, a member of the Islamic Salafist Alliance, of permitting government investment in a pork processing plant and of accepting interest payments, both forbidden by Sharia Law. The investigation could lead to a vote of no-confidence in the Justice Minister and his resignation. The accusation is thought to have been made in retaliation for the resignation of Kuwaiti Information Minister Mohammed Abu al Hassan under pressure from Islamists who disagreed with his authorization of pop concerts.

Hamburg. A German intelligence officer testifying in the trial of alleged 9-11 terrorist Mounir el-Motassadeq says that at least 70,000 men were trained in al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

Tunis. Falah al-Nakib, Iraqi Minister of the Interior, says 1 300 police and security agents have been killed over the last 18 months in Iraq. Al-Nakib is attending thee 22nd meeting of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers.

Baghdad. Rising tensions may cancel January 30 elections. Iraqi President Ghazi al Yawar says the United Nations must consider a postponement of the elections. The United Nations...must assume the responsibility of evaluating whether or not elections may be held. Washington and Baghdad have repeateded confimed the 30 January date but according to al Yawar, the election will fail because escalating guerrilla violence will keep voters away from the polls.

Baghdad. US attempts to placate Iraqis by purifying river water. US forces are refurbishing a river water filtration plant to supply south Baghdad with potable water.

New York. The New York Times reports that Premier Iyad Allawi phoned President George W. Bush following Monday's wave of attacks to discuss obstacles to the 30 January elections.

Paris. Chauffeur for French reporters to sue US government. The Iraqi chauffeur for a kidnapped pair of French reporters, Mohammed al-Joundi, says he is suing the US government for the abuse he suffered at the hands of the US military. Al-Joundi says he was tortured and threatened with death after being detained by US forces.

15:21 Baghdad. Three US soldiers killed by bomb. Three members of Task Force Baghdad were killed by a roadside bomb in north Baghdad. Two others were wounded and evacuated to a military hospital.

14:42 Balad. US soldier killed and another wounded. A soldier of the US 1st Infantry Division was wounded by a roadside bomb near Balad and another was wounded.

14:05 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi claims credit for assassination of Governor. Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi claims credit for the assassination of the Governor of Baghdad Province, Ali Radi al-Haïdari.

13:41 Baghdad. 40 Army brigades to protect voters. Elections Commission Chairman Adel Al Lammi says 40 Iraqi Army brigades will be deployed throughout Iraq to protect voters going to the polls on 30 January.

11:46 Samarra. Four Iraqis and a Turkish truck driver are killed in separate incidents. Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded by a homemade bomb thrown at their convoy. A truck transporting supplies to a US military base was ambushed by rebels and the Turkish driver killed. In Dhuluiya, south of Samarra, rebels attacked a National Guard post. One insurgent was killed. Rebels also destroyed elections offices in Tikrit and in Abu Ajil.

09:39 Pentagon denies capture of al Zarqawi.

08:59 Doha. Kurds claim al Zarqawi captured. Qatari newspaper al-Bayane cite a Kurdish souce saying al Zarqawi has been captured by US forces near Balad. The USA has offered a $10 million bounty for the capture of al Zarqawi.

08:36 Baghdad: Death toll mounts. A truckbombing near the Green Zone targeting a commando headquarters killed 10, including 8 police, and wounded 56.

08:34 Baghdad. Governor of Baghdad Province assassinated. A Shi'ite and Governor of Baghdad, Ali Radi al-Haïdari was assassinated along with his two bodyguards by unknown assailants in north Baghdad. Al Hadri had adopted a hardline stance concerning the insurgency.

08:12 Ramadi: Marine killed in a security and stabilization operation in al Anbar Province.

08:09 Baghdad. Truck bomb kills six. At least six are dead after an explosives-packed truck drove into a checkpoint at the periphery of the Green Zone. 40 were wounded.


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