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Saturday, January 08, 2005

January 8 Events in Iraq

Back to the old daily schedule...

Najaf. Saadr Aldeen al-Qubbanji, a leader of a prominent Shiite party, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, comments elections: We want all the Iraqis to participate, we also insist on holding the elections as scheduled and to put these elections behind us as a way to end the conflict in Iraq.'

Baghdad. Sheik Mahmoud Al-Somaidie of the Sunnis' Association of Muslim Scholars calls for postponing the vote. Those of us who are calling for postponement are seeking that for the benefit of the country. Elections have to be an Iraqi demand, not the demand of the foreign countries.

Baquba. Insurgents broke into the house of a translator working with the U.S. Army and then beheaded him.

Baghdad. An Iraqi policeman was killed by masked gunmen as he left his house in Baghdad's southern Dora neighborhood.

Baghdad. Gunmen shot dead Abboud Khalaf al-Lahibi, deputy secretary-general of the National Front for Iraqi tribes, in Baghdad's western neighborhood of Khadraa. A bodyguard was killed and three other people were wounded in the attack.

Ramadi. Amman confirms the deaths of three Jordanian truck drivers near Ramadi

19:25 Samarra. Three Iraqi construction contractors killed. Three contracters were shot through the head and their bodies left near a lake west of Samarra.

17:01 Mosul. US warplanes destroy home in village. US warplanes destroyed a home in village of Aaytha, southeast of Mosul, killing 14. The US military says one of its warplanes dropped the bomb in error. An inquiry has been opened into the incident.

14:33 Basrah. Assassination attempt on Provincial Councilman. An attempted assassination was carried against Miajid Hilal al-Tamimi, member of the Provincial Council. Al-Tamimi was slightly wounded and his two bodyguards were killed. Al-Tamimi is a candidate of the "Brotherhood" party and is tapped for future ambassador to Kuwait.

14:14 Kirkuk. More kidnappings. Rebels kidnapped Mohammed Khodr, a worker for the organization Human Rights, in Riyadh, 45 km from Kirkuk.

13:00 Balad. French reporter alive. Florence Aubenas is alive and well. Hooded insurgents were interviewed by two Iraqi reporters in Balad, where they confirmed the reporter is alive, without mentioning her name.

12:41 Hilla. Carbomb kills one and wounds 20. A carbomb exploded at a gas station Mahawil near Hilla, killing one civilian and wounding 20 others. Several parked cars nearby were also destroyed.

12:17 New York. US holds 352 prisoners outside of Geneva Conventions. The New York Times reports that the US holds 352 foreign "enemy combattants" in Iraq, 140 of who were captured after 7 November 2004. The US claims the prisoners have links to al Qaeda.

11:05 Kirkuk. Four out of six well fires extinguished. The Northern Oil Company reports that four well fires in the al-Khabbaza oilfields 25 km from Kirkuk have been put out.

11:02 Teheran: Iraq arrests two Iranian border guards. The Iranian daily "Jomhuri Eslami" reports that two Iranian border guards were taken prisoner by Iraqi soldiers near Mehran, 170 km east of Bagdad.

08:26 Mosul. Al Qaeda leader arrested. The US says it has arrested a lieutenant of al Zarqawi near Mosul. The man is identified as Abdul Aziz Sa'dun Ahmed Hamduni, aka Abu Ahmed.

08:10 Tikrit. Two government officials kidnapped south of Baghdad. Two Iraqi officials, a provincial councilman from Salaheddin and the province's Vice Governor, Khatan Hamada, were kidnapped south of Baghdad as they drove towards Najaf for a meeting with Ayatollah al-Sistani. The delegation was traveling in two cars -- one of which managed to escape the militants' ambush.

07:49 Fort Hood. Homicide charges dropped. Homicide charges against Sgt. Tracy Perkins, responsible for the death of an Iraqi civilia near Samarra, have been dropped.

07:10 Fort Hood. Graner to face court martial. Corporal Charles Graner, accused of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, will be court-martialled on Monday.

01:24 Baghdad. Body of US truckdriver found. The body of William Bradley, a 50 year-old truck driver, was found near Baghdad. Bradley was killed in a guerrilla attack on his convoy on 9 April 2004.


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