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Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6 Events in Iraq

Baghdad $1.3 million for 500 arrests. The Iraqi caretaker government announced that it has disbursed $1.3 million over the past six months to informers for information leading to the arrests of more than 500 terrorists and suspects. The government has dedicated several phone lines for tips on insurgent activity.

Baghdad. John Kerry visits US troops in Iraq. The former candidate for the US presidency John Kerry visited US troops in Camp Tahreer, Baghdad, where a Massachusetts regiment is stationed. Kerry asked the soldiers what he should report to Congress concerning the situation in Iraq and congratulated the troops for the good work they are doing, which is not fully explained to the American people.

Baghdad. US General Thomas Metz, commandant of the American expeditionary corps in Iraq, says that a postponement of the 30 January election could lead to civil war and urges Sunnis not to boycott the election.

Baghdad. Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan presided over a ceremony marking the 84th anniversay of the Iraqi Army and announced the dissolution of the National Guard, which will be integrated into the Army.

Ft. Hood. An Iraqi civilian, Marwan Fadil, testified to a military court at Ft. Hood that US soldiers threw him and his cousin off a bridge into the Tigris and laughed as his cousin drown. Sgt.Tracy Perkins is on trial for ordering his men to force the Iraqi civilians into the water.

Washington. State Department denies Syrian sanctions. State Department spokesman Adam Ereli denied that the US had imposed new sanctions on Syria but maintained that they are an option.

Amman. The foreign ministers of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kuwait and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran met in Amman and produced a 12-point document after a 4-hour session. The participants pledged not to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq and urged all Iraqis to vote to decide their future. Both Syria and Iran expressed reservations concerning the inclusion of wording alluding to foreign interference.

23:40 Baghdad. Seven US soldiers killed north of capital. An explosive device has killed 7 US soldiers. No further details available.

19:46 Baghdad. Two local politicians assassinated. Hadi Saleh of the Iraqi Communist Party was assassinated at his residence in Baghdad. Omar Mahmoud Abdulla of the Iraqi Islamic Party was kidnapped from a pharmacy where he worked in Mosul and shot in the head by unknown assailants. Meanwhile, mortar fire was directed at SCIRI headquarters in Baghdad but narrowly missed the building. No damage or injuries reported.

19:24 Paris. France supports Iraqi political process. The 30 January elections, which we hope will be successful, must lead to the establishment of a legitimate, democratic government, says Jacques Chirac.

18:54 Paris. Quai d'Orsay confirms reporter's disappearance. The French Foreign Ministry confirms that Florence Aubenas, the Baghdad reporter for the French daily newspaper La Liberation, and her driver, Hussein Hanoun, are missing.

18:11 Mosul. Leader of al-Zarqawi cell arrested. US forces arrested Abu Ahmed, 35, a lieutenant of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, on 22 December. Ahmed has confessed to coordinating insurgent raids in Mosul.

18:05 Baghdad. French correspondent for La Liberation is missing. Florence Aubenas and an assistant went missing during a trip to the town of Tadji, north of Baghdad, and feared kidnapped.

16:27 Dubai. Al Zarqawi claims credit for Hilla and Baquba bombings.

15:28 Baiji. Seven dead in violence north of the capital. Two Iraqi soliders were killed and another two wounded in two separate clashs with insurgents in Samarra and Abu Farraj. Three civilians were killed by a roadside mine in Hajjai, north of Baiji,.

14:43 Baghad. Allawi extends state of emergency for another 30 days.

12:49 Ramadi. Bodies of three Jordanian truck drivers found. Three Jordanian truck drivers were shot in the head and the bodies discarded outside Ramadi. A note nearby read, "This is the fate of collaborators with the Americans.

10:10 Al-Anbar Province. Marine killed in action.

09:56 Sadr City. Police chief assassinated. Police General Abdel Karim of Sadr City was assassinated as he was driving in Baghdad.

08:43 Washington. Families of slain contractors sue firm. The families of four US contractors slain in Fallujah in April 2004 are suing Blackwater Security Consulting for firing a manager who had insisted on adequate armored equipment for employees deployed to Iraq.

08:36 Baghdad. Two Britains arrested. Two British nationals were arrested in December 2004 for joining the insurgency as fighters. British authorities have not revealed their identities.

08:24 Baghdad. 18 workers slain. Eighteen unemployed Shi'as fell into a death trap when they were offered work in Mosul were slain when their buses were attacked on a highway. The bodies were returned to Sadr City in Baghdad where family members said they had been shot in the head.


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congratulated the troops for the good work they are doing, which is not fully explained to the American people

Is this nonsense necessary? I am really beginning to regret that I voted for this guy. Not that it mattered. ;) The theory that Kerry is really a sensible guy but just playing coy takes another hit.

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