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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January 5 Events in Iraq

New York. Vanity Fair magazine says prisoner mistreatment at Abu Ghraib continued for three months after the abuse scandal broke at the end of April 2004.

Washington. US administration plans more sanctions against Syria. The US will attempt to force Syria to take steps to counter support for the Iraqi insurrection by Iraqi exiles in that country by making monetary transfers to the Syrian Bank for Trade illegal. The US administration also accuses Syria of money laundering in the Oil for Food scandal.

Abu Dhabi. UAE newspaper Al-Khaleej reports that Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has one again called on Syria to extradite Iraqi exiles suspected of supporting the insurgency.

Baghdad. Islamic Party demands election day postponement. Iraq's Islamic Party demanded a six-month postponement of the elections scheduled for 30 January.

Tunis. Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Nakib says all options are open concerning the date for holding elections in Iraq.

Baghdad. Iraqi Minister for Refugees and Emigration, Pascale Warda, says the security situation in Iraq is untenable for the 30 January elections.

Nineveh. The Iraqi Elections Commission announced that Iraqi voters in the Sunni provinces of al-Anbar and Nineveh may register and vote on the same day.

Geneva. Syria, Turkey and the UAE have authorized expat Iraqis to vote in the January 30 Iraqi elections.

Basrah. Insurgents attack checkpoint, killing one policeman.

Baghdad. Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Shaalanm lashed out once again at Iran, accusing the country of being the number one cause of the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

15:48 Baquba. Suicide carbomb kills six. Six police were killed and 13 wounded when a suicide carbomber drove into a National Guard checkpoint. Meanwhile, Elections Commission member Khalifa Hussein, responsible for voting security, was shot dead along with his driver.

14:13 Cairo. Iraqi insurgents estimated. Iraqi General Mohammed Abdullah al Shahwani tells the pan-Arab daily Asharq al Awsat that the insurgents in Iraq number about 200,000

11:45 Hilla. Police adacemy bombed, 10 dead and 44 wounded. Insurents rammed an explosives-packed car into a police academy in Hilla, south of Baghdad, killing 10 and wounding 44, 41 of whom are Iraqi police. As the suicide bomber drove toward the building at high speed, police opened fire but were unable to stop the conflagration.

10:25 Mosul. Sunni leader assassinated. A prominent Sunni leader, Imar Mahmud Abdallah - pharmacist, cleric, and Islamic author, was assassinated in the al-Widah district in east Mosul by unknown gunmen.

09:05 Baghdad. Carbomb kills two. Two are dead and ten wounded when a carbomb is detonated in the Amriyah District in west Baghdad near the airport. The driver tailed a US/Iraqi military convoy and pulled up along side a convoy vehicle before blowing himself up near a service station. Meanwhile two corpses showing signs of torture were found in the same district.

08:38 Tel Afar. US soldier is killed and two are wounded when a 'Task Force Olympia' patrol came under machine gun and grenade fire.

07:34 Baghdad. Two coalition soldiers wounded. A multinational patrol was attacked by insurgents and two soldiers were wounded.


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