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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Strange Events in Ad Duluiyah

On September 20th, DefenseLINK News carried only this item: An 18th Military Police Brigade soldier was killed 75 miles north of Baghdad when an improvised explosive device struck his vehicle at 2:25 p.m. today, military officials reported. Not reported was a spectacular rebel attack which took out a convoy of 5 supply trucks escorted by US troops.

According to a dispatch by AFP, a supply convoy destined for one of several US Army 42nd Infantry Division forward bases located in the area near Ad Duluiyah, a town of 50,000 located on the Tigris a few miles from Balad, was attacked by insurgents. The dispatch suggests that convoy may have been forced into a detour by rebels and fell into an ambush set inside the town. The Kuwaiti-registered trucks were set ablaze and destroyed, killing four contractors and the MP cited in the DefenseLINK dispatch. Two other US soldiers and a fifth contractor was wounded. Following the attack, US troops rounded up residents close the the scene and arrested an Iraqi police for pointing his gun at them.

The round-up wasn't enough to satify the desire for revenge by US forces. The Juboor Quarter of Ad Duluiyah was the target of US airstrikes this morning. We'd like to know just what was in those trucks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


"A group of US soldiers stormed the house of Brigadier Jabar Atiyah Saud, the deputy mayor of Dhuluiyah and dragged him out of his house before they shot him several bullets in his head," a source from the Joint Coordination Center in Tikrit told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the US soldiers also killed two local police officers, Captain Amir Yousif and the 1st Lt. Jasim Khalaf, the source added.

The US troops have sealed off the town of Dhuluiyah since Tuesday, imposing curfew and preventing people from leaving their homes as US snipers deployed on roofs of high buildings, local residents told Xinhua by telephone.

"The US soldiers shot the drinking water containers above houses and many families are suffering from shortage in watersupplies," a local resident, Ammar al-Jubouri said. The wounded people or even deaths were not allowed to shift to the medical center outside the town, Jubouri said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was occupying that town when this happend and I seen what happend.
The Jubouri tribe is full of corruption. They are the insurgent force that occupy Ad duluiyah, they have infiltrated the Iraqi Police and are using the cover as means to manuever undetected.
I'm not sorry for any of the people who were killed as bystanders of this war. You people think it is us the U.S Soldiers who are against you think again. If your cousins would stop attacking us and using your homes for cover than innocents would stop being killed. What's more is that if we had a chance to clean up the town we would have offered free medical, clean water, food and even better schools. But we're the bad guys here, the bad guys who are tired of trying to help a hopeless country.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was shot by a sniper in the Milton-Dover Intersection in Ad Duluiyah. I think it was the I.P.s
but who knows, we saw some Crazy mofos, before i got hit.

who ever posted this earlier, Id like to speak to you about the area.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U.S. Snipers in the area, shooting water supplies, on houses. hmmmm....funny I was a sniper In Ad Duluyah in 2005, when the story was written. I, as well as the other teams, did any such act. It's the insurgents blowing smoke up yalls asses. They cry to china, because they're the only ones who will spread their propaganda.

Freedom should be a choice the people make, not the GOVERNMENT....China. Down with Communisim

10:48 PM  

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