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Monday, November 21, 2005

21 November Events in Iraq and in the Region

Damascus. Two Syrian soldiers were badly wounded by US soldiers on the border. The Americans were carrying out activities on the border and they shot in the direction of Syrian soldiers. They returned fire. Two Syrian soldiers were shot by sharp shooters and taken to the hospital at Bu Kamal and then to the hospital at Deir ez-Zor. One reporter here also said that Syrian soldiers then returned fire and blew up a hummer which might have had up to six Americans in it. Presumably, they were killed. [Via Joshua Landis]

Baghdad. 120 Iraqis, mostly Shi'a, killed in violence between Friday and Saturday.

Baghdad. A police commander was killed by armed men west of Baghdad.

Baghdad. Five civilians killed by bomb blast in east Baghdad.

Baghdad. Six civilians, including three children, were killed by mortar fire.

Diyala. 20 are killed, including 12 children, and 25 wounded in a suicide bombing inside a mourning tent for Abu Saïda.

Baghdad. 13 are dead and 20 wounded in a carbombing targeting a popular outdoor market.

Baghdad. A carbomb targeting a police patrol in a crowded commercial street wounded 13 people, including three police.

Baquba. Four people, including three police, were killed and nine wounded.

Fallujah. US solider killed by small arms fire.

Haditha. One US Marine and fifteen civilians were killed by a roadside bomb targeting their convoy. Eight rebels were killed in a clash that followed the bombing.

Baiji. Five US soldiers killed by roadside bomb. [This could have actually happened on the Syrian border--Nur].

Basrah. British soldier killed and four others wounded by a roadside bomb.

Karbala. Four former supporters of Saddam Hussein were shot dead by unknown assailants.

Baghdad. General Abdel Aziz Mohammed Jassem says US-led Operation Steel Curtain was successful.

Cairo. Arab League announces that a national reconciliation conference will be held in Iraq the last week of February. Meanwhile, President Jalal Talabani says he would be willing to meet with insurgents [A lie for PR purposes--Nur].

Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq says it will continue to defend Iraq by "sword and blood".

Riyadh. Crown Prince Sultan ben Abdel Aziz tells al-Arabiya TV that the kingdom will eliminate terrorism within two years.

Baghdad. Saddam Hussein's defense team confirms it will defend the ex-dictator when his trial resumes 28 November, despite death threats.

Berlin. According to a story in Der Spiegel, a German counterespionnage team travelled to Damascus in 2002 to interrogate a German national of Syrian origin suspected of having a role in the 9-11 terror attacks after cooperation agreement was concluded between Berlin and Damascus in July of the same year. The German team visited Far Filastin high-security prison in Damascus (where torture is practiced) to interrogate Mohammed Haydar Zammar, 44.

Washington. The Bush Administration deployed Donald Rumsfeld to 4 Sunday morning talk shows to demonstrate resolve against opponents of the war on Iraq.

23:51 London. A British NGO, Platform, says oil companies involved in production of Iraqi petroleum would earn billions of dollars in the coming years. According to a report authored by Platform, British and US oil companies will pocked between $74 and $194 billion in oil contracts now being negotiated with Iraqi authorities.

21:08 Jerusalem. Israel launches airstrikes on southern Lebanon near the Shebaa Farms. Villages of Kfarshuba, Helta and al-Mari hit. Air to ground missiles fired at Naqoura and Saïda.

21:00 Jerusalem. Eleven Israeli soldiers were wounded by mortar fire from Hezbollah near the Shebaa Farms.

20:46 Baghdad. Authorities verifying the alleged death of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi in northern Iraq.

18:42 Jersusalem. Twelve Israeli soldiers and civilians were injured by mortar fire from Hezbollah. A rocket hit the Israeli villlages of Kiryat Shmonah and Metulla on the Lebanese border.

18:41 Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reports that a US intelligence asset known as "Curveball", linked to Ahmed Chelabi, fabricated reports of Saddam's WMD for a deal to win a German residence permit.

17:13 Cairo. Iraqi representatives demand a schedule for the pullout of foreign troops from Iraq and announce a national reconciliation conference to be held in in February or March 2006. The conference agreed that resistance to foreign occupation was legitimate but condemned acts of violence agains civilians, places of worship, and humanitarian installations. Iraqi participants also demanded the release of all prisoners held without trial. [That would be about 23,000 people in the custody of the US military--Nur].


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